lightsaber parts

  1. roygilsing

    ROTJ Darth Vader Graflex Stunt (MoM)(a.k.a. DV6) – by WannaWanga

    I decided to start a new thread for this project: WannaWanga accurate (unidealized) ROTJ Darth Vader’s stunt saber parts. Rather than adding to my 2014 thread (Various OT lightsaber WannaWanga parts (new ALU MPP shroud)) I think it makes sense to start a fresh one for updates, feedback and...
  2. P

    Connecting hilts and/or blaster components?

    I'll try to make sense of my mind here. Duel swords / lightsabers. If I were to use them I'd want the option to connect the hilts but don't want super obvious clips or threads. I also want strong connections if I decide to hit things so magnets probably wouldn't work. For some reason the idea...