life size

  1. Orion101

    Want to Buy QUEEN STUDIOS TERMINATOR 2 T-800 Arnold 1:1 BUST

    Hello all! I am on the hunt for a QUEEN STUDIOS T2 TERMINATOR T-800 LIFE SIZE BUST (Arnold Schwarzenegger). Please contact me if you have one that you'd like to sell. Thank you so much in advance!
  2. JKRIB

    DALEK w/ Lights + Sounds! FULL LIFE SIZE 1:1 Scale DOCTOR WHO Prop Replica

    DALEK FROM DOCTOR WHO! Full, Life Size 1:1 Scale Prop Replica. Features lights, sounds and can be piloted from inside! Comes apart in sections, for easy transportation and storage. Design inspired by the 2005 TV series. Brown and gold color scheme, with some battle weathering. SIZE: 5 feet 5...
  3. goodjared

    Life Size Buzz Lightyear Toy

    Starting to paint a couple of the leg pieces for my Buzz Lightyear Build. I’m using eva foam, sealing it with glue, then brushing a few coats of roto cast resin for that plastic toy feel. It’s my first time using any of these materials so this whole build is a learning experience.
  4. Orion101

    Want to Buy RoboCop 1:1 LIFE SIZE BUST by FRED BARTON

    Hello all I am looking for a 1:1 RoboCop BUST made by FRED BARTON. Please contact me if you have a line on how I would be able to obtain one second hand or brand new. The Barton website looks as if they are still producing them but I am unsure. thanks for your time! Stay safe!
  5. aMaZeInG

    Want to Buy WETA District 9 Gas Projector Replica Life Size

    I have the arc generator and the assault rifle and have been looking for the Gas Projector from WETA. I am based in the UK with 1,400 positive feedback on ebay and happy to pay via paypal or bank transfer. Thanks so much for your help in advance :)
  6. densha otoko

    Anime nadia blue water crystal blue stone

    hi friends, im french, and i have making many replicas, for exemple 2 knight rider kitt replica, the dragon ball in real hard cristal dragon ball and nadia blue stone crystal replica, today i want to show you my last replicas i have making. The blue stone was making in hard synthetic crystal...