life size props

  1. goodjared

    Life Size Buzz Lightyear Toy

    Starting to paint a couple of the leg pieces for my Buzz Lightyear Build. I’m using eva foam, sealing it with glue, then brushing a few coats of roto cast resin for that plastic toy feel. It’s my first time using any of these materials so this whole build is a learning experience.
  2. Torolf

    BX - Series Commando Droid (TCW)

    A few years ago I built a life size animated style battle droid from TCWs series. Clone Wars Battle Droid / OOM -10 More specifically I built OOM-10 one of the reprogrammed droids R2-D2 commanded during the Citadel ark. I ended up selling that droid to one of my friends in the 501st and he...