1. T

    RoS **Spoiler** Lightsaber

    Many of you have probably already seen Valor / Verity Cosplay and Psych0ticmisfit takes on Leia's lightsaber. I also had posted my take in the "New ROS Prop image" thread. Like the others, I have been slowly refining and remodelling with the limited images we have. My first effort was a useful...
  2. Psab keel

    Star Wars E-11 Field Marshall Blaster Kit with Electronics

    It pains me to sell this, but alas, I must. DUE TO STRICT GUN LAWS I AM ONLY ABLE TO SELL THIS WITHIN THE CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES! NO EXCEPTIONS! Field Marshall: -The basic build Sterling Replica -Scope Rail -M38 Scope- with recticle, copper wire detail and light port detail (glass) Also...
  3. Psab keel

    Stormtrooper Grappling Hook

    Up for sale is a "functioning" Stormtrooper Grappling Hook. This obviously CANNOT be used like the prop seen in the film, but it is a faithful replica that has spring tines that extend just like in the movie. Included is a white nylon cord with aluminum piece to help secure the cord to the...
  4. Leia Hoth Outfit

    Leia Hoth Outfit

  5. Leia Hoth Outfit

    Leia Hoth Outfit

  6. Slave Leia Costume

    Slave Leia Costume

  7. Slave Leia Costume

    Slave Leia Costume