1. COlson

    Lego Batwing with LED lighting

    Just put some LED lighting into a Lego Batwing for a client of mine. I did not go all heavy on lighting like some of the Lego kits I've seen out there. Just tried to make it more true to the film. Simple lighting. Only added some 0402 SMD LEDs for the headlights and the front cockpit dash...
  2. jcporcel

    Real size Book of Monsters from Lego Nexo Knights

    I'm a big Lego fan (as many of you probably are too), and I realy like misterious books, and for a very long time I wanted to get the BOOKS of EVIL from a Lego set called "Nexo Knights". Since I live in south america, Amazon, ebay and similar services don't quite work so I never got the chance...
  3. Jake Kassnoff

    GIANT Lego Kylo Ren Lightsaber

    I may be getting carried away a bit with this theme:
  4. Jake Kassnoff

    Giant Lego Lightsaber

    Life sized lego lightsaber:
  5. DaBuild

    Star wars Han Solo Lego DL-44 blaster full scale ''replica''

    Hello guys! I don't know if this one fits the definition of a prop replica but here it is. It's the Han Solo Lego DL-44 blaster full scale that I built for my son. Nothing fancy here. Just a fun build. :) Cheers! Dan
  6. Aquaman

    My New York Comic Con cosplay pics

    Hi All. NYCC has ended and I had an amazing time with new costumes and updates on others. I turned 61 on Sunday so no better way to ring it in! Check them out... hope you like! Zaqpp Brannigan from Futurama: This year I decided to go with a wig for a more comic look. I wear a "name tag" I...
  7. cosplayvictor

    Lego Stormtrooper Cosplay

    I made my 501st approved Stormtrooper costume back in 2015. I was going to Star Wars Celebration in Orlando and 10 days before leaving, decided to build out a Lego Stormtrooper cosplay. It was a lot of fun and long hours and it was well received at SWCO. I used foamboard from the dollar store...
  8. Lex Luther Lego Man Costume by 68hc11

    Lex Luther Lego Man Costume by 68hc11

    Lex Luther Lego Man Costume 2012 by 68hc11
  9. Lego Zombie Minifigure

    Lego Zombie Minifigure

    This is my son in his Lego zombie minifigure costume next to his zombie little sister at the annual Denver Zombie Crawl. Build thread located here: