legend of the seeker

  1. optinerd

    My Legend of the Seeker Screen Used Costumes

    I know not a lot of folks have jumped on the bandwagon, or have even heard about Legend of the Seeker, but personally I love this show. The people who created the wardrobe and props are true artists who have made some of the highest quality pieces I've ever laid eyes on. This costume was worn...
  2. S

    Screen used Sword of Truth

    They have a stunt version of the sword listed on ebay for charity! Legend of the Seeker - Sword of Truth - eBay (item 230488792972 end time Jun-22-10 00:09:38 PDT)
  3. D

    Mord' Sith - Legend of the Seeker. The definitive costume research thread.

    So the girlfriend mentioned interest in this one, so I started doing some research on it. Looking labor intensive so far. Just curious if anyone has attempted this, seen a good one, found any good research, interviews, etc. Found a great breakdown of the costume here...