1. COlson

    Lego Batwing with LED lighting

    Just put some LED lighting into a Lego Batwing for a client of mine. I did not go all heavy on lighting like some of the Lego kits I've seen out there. Just tried to make it more true to the film. Simple lighting. Only added some 0402 SMD LEDs for the headlights and the front cockpit dash...
  2. imperiallandm

    Lobot - Lando's aide - ESB

    Hello everyone, Just wanted to show off my Lobot cosplay I've been working on. I have spent several years trying to get the headpiece sorted but I'm now very happy with the finished result. I made the soft parts myself (welding overall suit formed the base) which perhaps aren't the best/have...
  3. andyland

    Andyland's Bandai 1/72 PG Falcon

    After working on it for ages, my PG Falcon is nearly ready for painting and weathering. Since I've added custom lighting to it (making up most of it as I go) I'm posting some pics here, in case they help anyone. Thanks to StevenBills for his hints as I started the process and the encouragement...
  4. L

    Vader belt boxes

    Having problems sourcing the casing for the switches on Vader belt. Am looking to meet authenticity for 501st approval; any suggestions would be appreciated