laser cutter

  1. gvaro

    The Expanse Inspired Hand Terminal / Communicator

    LOVE LOVE LOVE The Expanse, and all of the props from the show. Especially the ever-present hand terminal/communicators that they use. It wasn't until watching a Kyle Hill video where he whipped out an acrylic replica prop of a hand terminal that it clicked with me - I can make this on the...
  2. Peter Parke 67

    first time making a batman armor

    Hi, So I decided to build a batman armor for myself but unfortunate I haven't done anything similar before. I heard that foam is what am supposed to make it from but what type of foam exactly? Is there any cheaper material you would recommand? As for the suit I'll be building I was sinking maybe...
  3. Psygnosis

    Laser cutter for beginner cosplayer

    Hi guys, sorry for bother you with this post but I cannot understand laser cut, also If I have read everything possible on web. I'd like to buy a laser cut that doens't cost me 1k €/$ and that engrave and cut styrofoam/polystyrene, eva foam(at least 3mm, 10mm will be awsome), and that can cut...
  4. xl97

    What to use laser cutter for next?

    Title says it all.... :) Been stuck doing the same ol' same ol' lately... (etched/edge lit arcylic stuff, wooden wine boxes, coasters...blah blah)... I dont really have a desire to do any 'pepkura' stuff (but I imagine laser cutting the paper/materials makes a better final result).. So I'm...