laser cutter

  1. S

    Want to Buy large Plexiglass Laser Cutting Required

    Hi Folks I have the Goa'uld Ha'tak ' bridge power station ' She has 8 cut outs for very large plexi's ... but 4 were lost over time and I wish to restore to full glory ... It's not a simple cut a rectangular plexi as it has shaping and grooves etc , and I dont have a CAD file or anything to...
  2. Psygnosis

    Laser cutter for beginner cosplayer

    Hi guys, sorry for bother you with this post but I cannot understand laser cut, also If I have read everything possible on web. I'd like to buy a laser cut that doens't cost me 1k €/$ and that engrave and cut styrofoam/polystyrene, eva foam(at least 3mm, 10mm will be awsome), and that can cut...
  3. xl97

    What to use laser cutter for next?

    Title says it all.... :) Been stuck doing the same ol' same ol' lately... (etched/edge lit arcylic stuff, wooden wine boxes, coasters...blah blah)... I dont really have a desire to do any 'pepkura' stuff (but I imagine laser cutting the paper/materials makes a better final result).. So I'm...