1. imperiallandm

    Lobot - Lando's aide - ESB

    Hello everyone, Just wanted to show off my Lobot cosplay I've been working on. I have spent several years trying to get the headpiece sorted but I'm now very happy with the finished result. I made the soft parts myself (welding overall suit formed the base) which perhaps aren't the best/have...
  2. Levisdenim

    Lando ESB - Cloud City Commlink CVD216

    Hey guys! Sharing my 3D model creation This 3D model is an approximation of Lando Calrissian's commlink from star wars' Empire Strikes Back film. This 3D model is of my own creation. Created model: ➤ to meet exact details & dimensions. ➤ to be as accurate possible, based on the actual film...
  3. Kelvington

    Lando's Cloud City Cane from ROS...

    OK so how long will it be before this is created by someone here? A week? Three days? Other than engraving, it doesn't look like a terrible prop to make, some spun/lathed aluminium for the top and bottom, but it's a very nice looking piece. It was on "The Star Wars" show today.
  4. Lando Costume

    Lando Costume

  5. Lando Costume

    Lando Costume

  6. Lando Costume

    Lando Costume