1. KOMakesThings

    Jim Henson's Labyrinth - My Collection (June 2022 Update: Prop Photoshoot-a-palooza)

    Thanks for checking out my collection! I've got a newer post detailing more of my prop replicas, feel free to check that out here! ------------------ Original Post ------------------ I’ve been a big fan of Labyrinth for about 15+ years now, and I've been making props for about 3 or so years...
  2. RetroSnowWhite

    Please take a look at my film accurate cosplays!

    Hi! I'm super crazy with accuracy, down to the smallest details. It's cool to see a replica forum!! Here are some of the cosplays I've made. If you want to read more about them please check out my Instagram retrosnowwhite :) Lynda Carter Wonder Woman. Sarah from Labyrinth Dorothy from The...
  3. alejandramfx

    Jareth (David Bowie) The Goblin King - Labyrinth Lifesize Bust

    I want to introduce this bust in which I have been working in recent weeks. It´s a life-size bust. Made in latex and polyfoam. The eyes are made of resin. I'm waiting to get the shirt I bought. In the coming days I'll upload more photos of this finished work. I hope you like it!!
  4. GoblinCityCosplay

    Complete! Sarah's Hallucination Gown from Labyrinth

    My wonderful friend got us tickets to the Labyrinth ball at the Atlanta Center for Puppetry during Dragon Con, so this was a very last minute costume (three months in the making instead of six or nine). When I revise this costume in the upcoming months, I will be making a full pannier, but...
  5. M

    Labyrinth doorknocker

    New here..first project:)....Making the doorkockers from the movie Labyrinth...(1986) First the clay sculpt.... then mold making and casting...In resin and for a puppet version in latex/silcone.... And the original
  6. D

    Britishfest Convention June 3rd-5th Omaha Nebraska Convention in the USA!!!
  7. J

    A little help identifying a (supposedly) production-used mask

    Hi guys, this is my first post here so i'm sorry if i've come to the wrong section... Basically, i've acquired this mask (from a decent, honest seller) and have absolutely no idea what production it was from. I was told it came with a huge lot of fantasy based props from movies like Labyrinth...
  8. Zlurpo

    Door knocker from Labyrinth

    Working on a sculpt which will be made into a functional door knocker: the right talking head from the film Labyrinth.
  9. E

    Hoggle - Labyrinth (1986)

    My first post here :D i have mostly finished a sculpture of Hoggle from Labyrinth. Hes made from Chavant NSP Medium clay on a wire armature frame. I say mostly finished because theres some adjustments id like to make to the body and id like to resculpt the head as it doesnt have as much likeness...
  10. tk7209

    Want to Buy Ello Worm from Labyrnth

    Preferably a raw resin cast or kit that I can paint up. Thanks
  11. L

    Ludo from labyrinth material help!?

    Hey! I am looking to make a replica costume for halloween of Ludo from the Labyrinth. I can not find or figure out how they made his hair for the whole body. PLEASE can anyone point me in the right direction or help me out? Thank you so much :)
  12. E

    Labyrinth Door knocker

    Hi people Im doing a foundation degree in prop making and special effects and for my final unit im going to be making one of the door knockers from labyrinth. (the one with the ring in its mouth). I am going to be making it, so that you can put your hand in the back of it and move the mouth. But...
  13. Fauno, booksandcorsets

    Fauno, booksandcorsets

    Fauno from del Toro's Pan's Labyrinth. Photo is by Soulfire Studios. Costume stands 6'8" and horn span is about 4 feet wide. Build thread is here, thank you for reading!
  14. Zlurpo

    Labyrinth Costume (The Goblin King)

    I wanted to show a link to a video of me wearing a costume from the film Labyrinth. This is the first costume worn by David Bowie's character in the film (I think he has a new one every scene). His character contact-juggles crystal balls in the movie, which is something I learned how to do a...
  15. chuckyAPP

    Jareth -Labyrinth -Bust WIP

    HI, just started working on a Jareth bust from Labyrinth. Purchased a David Bowie plaster life cast off ebay. I started by drilling out the eye sockets and settin in eyes with epoxy putty. Then I sculpted in the eye lids ith super sculpey. Still need to build out the back of his head. The...
  16. Corbin_Das

    Screen used Labyrinth necklace

    Hi all. It's been a while since I posted anything here, but I thought this might be of particular interest to some. To my surprise, the search function turned up nothing regarding Jareth's necklace from the movie Labyrinth. My fiance' Nikki and I drove over 700 miles to attend Faerie Con in...
  17. TomSpinaDesigns

    Original Sir Didymus puppet head from Labyrinth - RESTORATION

    Hey all, I've just finished up work on another Henson related restoration project - a Sir Didymus puppet head from Labyrinth. I've pasted a before and after below... additional pics and info can be seen on my site as the Nov. 21st news entry - or in our Movie...
  18. frosty

    Original Hoggle restoration

    While going through my daily check on the forums, i found this link hoggle restoration I think they destroyed the original puppet head in the restoration, and now it just looks crap Have a look They should have given it to someone like wampa on here, then at least some of the original foam skin...