kylo ren

  1. SenorChang

    Phoenix Props Kylo V2

    This is my Kylo V2 for sale. Info: - The most accurate fx ready Kylo replica, - It is empty, - Includes the three blade plugs and working parts for use with belt clip, - Painted by Sanotized Creations - Display plaque. Price doesn't include shipping, but does include paypal fees. Stand is...
  2. niennumb1

    Kylo Ren "Matt" Radar Technician Costume

    Hello! I used this once on Halloween last year and now need to fund other projects. Excellent condition! Other than needing boots, this is a turn-key costume, ready to go for Celebration 2019! Size is Large. I sit on borderline Large/XL and it fits great. Comes with: - Grey flight suit...
  3. M

    Kylo Ren's Lightsaber Hilt Build

    This has been a passion project of mine since 2016, I’ve gone through two complete redesigns of my model and countless prototypes before finally landing on something I’m happy with. It all starts with reference and fortunately there is plenty for this prop. The hilt from TFA has been on display...