1. strengthof10men

    Krull Glaive

    krull was the first movie I saw on VHS. My Dad bought a VHS machine second hand from someone at his work and also borrowed a movie for us all to watch. The movie imprinted itself on me as something very exciting and now as an adult I finally decided to make my own Glaive. First I drew out the...
  2. mutronics

    Krull Glaive Build

    I've just finished building and painting this excellent glaive kit and thought i'd post some pics. It's also the first kit i have finished in... well i cant really remember. Really happy with the way it turned out. Just got to build a box for it now. Cheers Pete
  3. Simpson77

    VashDstampede Krull Glaive wanted.

    Just thought it ask on the off chance that any one might have a Vash Krull Glaive lying around that they might be happy to sell, completed or not (preferably still in kit form). Just something about the design of his Glaive that I really like.
  4. boomerangsbyVic

    Real returning Glaive from the movie Krull.

    Hi Everyone, I recently built a real returning Glaive. I build returning boomerangs for a living and recently built the Glaive from the movie Krull. It can be thrown and returns to the thrower. The blades of course are not sharp so the thrower can safely catch it. It is made completley out of 10...
  5. puckydog

    Krull costumes and props

    Has anybody got any photos of props or costumes on display from Krull. Thanks, Jeff