1. JCDenton0

    Revan lightsaber Neopixel build - KR RVN

    Hello everyone ! new project for the winter : a Neopixel install on a KR RVN hilt. as before, I will list the materials and the wiring diagram. Hilt : KR RVN Hilt Chassis : Chassis - GOTH-3D KR RVN VARIANT 2 FDM ECO CHASSIS Uniboard variant – The Saber Armory GOTH-3D KR RVN ECO CHASSIS...
  2. JCDenton0

    Darth Nihilus lightsaber

    Hello everyone, I managed to finish another one. This time, I went back to the Old Republic with the Lord of Hunger lightsaber. Some years ago, I bought online one of the Nihilus hilts made by Holocron on Etsy back in the day. The hilt was installed with a NBV1 and a single Red LED. As for...
  3. joshthememelord

    Does anyone have a KOTOR Sith Trooper helmet .pdo?

    I'm having some trouble finding one.