1. Andy3E

    Alien 'Kane' Nostromo Crew Jacket

    Hi Everyone Im selling a Nostromo Crew jacket I made, this is a 'KANE' Jacket (silver wings, no front panels) There is a thread detailing the construction of my Jacket Here and I built this one in the same manor Its built from a RAF MK3 Jacket, and dyed, the Jacket is a Size 4 (and being MOD...
  2. Bondo Fett

    Another A L I E N Nostromo crew jacket- Kane's

    After watching the the many threads here covering the crew's costumes from Alien I decided to wade in and try to put together my own version of the Dallas/Kane jacket. Many thanks to all the members who shared their research and knowledge. I hope the info in this thread will be helpful to...
  3. Andy3E

    Limited Run Nostromo Crew Jackets

    Hi Everyone! Ive made a few Nostromo Jackets over the last year, and with this year being the 40th anniversary of the release of Alien, I'm going to do a limited run if there is enough interest. You can read a thread where i outline how I make them Here I can do Dallas or Kane, (although with...