jyn erso

  1. GuntahKela

    Interest Now taking payments: Rogue one Death Star Datacard DH-17 Dogtag/Challenge coin

    UPDATE November 17m 2022I'VE RESTOCKED THE ANTIQUE FINISH DOG TAGS. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ UPDATE October 7, 2022 ANTIQUE FINISH DOGTAGS ARE SOLD OUT. Only...
  2. AjaxIronside

    Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - Jyn Erso's A-180 Blaster

    This one I think is my favorite paint job so far, but I would always appreciate pointers! This is a totally 3d-printed model, which took a ton of clean up and was a bit strange in assembly. But I really love how it came out!
  3. Field Marshall

    Interest Jyn Erso's blaster A180 kit and complete

    One of my favorite all time blasters I had to do this build ... Whole heartily researched and CNC machined from aluminum and steel with the help of several friends on this forum including the input from ART and Scott I think this will be a great and fun project for the community . I have 30...