justice leauge

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  1. P

    Aquaman build

    Just finished up my shirt, going to start on my fiance's Mera next. Going to be making armor out of Warbla. Let me know what you guys think thus far.
  2. D

    Nightwing Injustice Inspired Domino Mask!

    How's everyone doing? Well this is my second cosplay piece (first being my Wolverine Claws) and a current WIP. Right now I'm working on finishing up the initial clay sculpt of the mask for my Nightwing Cosplay. I am using the Injustice version of the character as my inspiration, slight...
  3. C

    Lex Luthor: Power Armor Steampunk, Dragon*Con Ready Phase1

    I have been wanting to do a steampunk Lex Luthor for a very lone time. I am going to post my WIP here starting tonight. I will be wearing this at dragon*Con which on the 28th of this month. Here is what I am working with so far: I have cut my patterns and I am using 1/2" EVA anti...
  4. Belleb08

    Girl (Woman) of Steel

    Hi!! Now I have seen some amazing work on Man of Steel Cosplays and I want to get in on the action as a female and create a Girl/Woman of Steel cosplay. I have been in love with this artwork for a long time and now that I have Wonder Woman under my belt it is time for a new challenge and to...
  5. garrettation

    The Flash. Custom Costume.

    Hi guys. I'm going to be working on a Flash costume for the MCM Expo (England) in October this year. It's not going to be a replica from the upcoming t.v show, or from any of the comics/games/cartoons. I'm aiming to use these as reference to creating a BRAND NEW suit. So far I'm more...
  6. M

    The Question (Vic Sage) [WIP]

    I'm currently working on making a costume based off of the DC character The Question, who became a favourite of mine after I watched Justice League Unlimited a few years back. So far, the easiest aspect of the build has actually been the mask, which I'm working on using this guide for...
  7. Belleb08

    My Take on a Warrior version of Wonder Woman

    I am in the beginning stages of creating my own version of Wonder Woman taking inspiration from fan art and the comic itself. I decided I wanted to make a Greek Warrior version of her. Here is my concept sketch of what I hope to achieve: I am planning to make it all out of leather, Worbla...
  8. V

    Justice League

    Warner Bros. approaching Ben Affleck for 'Justice League' directing job - Showblitz This is quite a great and bold choice by WB.
  9. T

    action comics 1 superman costume

    has anyone thought about this new costume superman is wearing at the moment before he gets the more armoured looking costume it's the t shirt and cape with a pair of jeans that im reffering too im gonna give this a shot aswell as the 1941 costume im working on ill post updates on both as soon as...
  10. TK8541

    The Flash

    Okay all... I'm considering doing a Flash costume; Wally West from "Justice League" style. I've looked on TheLeagueofHeroes forums, as well as CosPlay.com for info, but he seems to be a not-super-popular costume. The first But then I looked into getting a pre-made one from...

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