1. alexbailey

    John Hammonds Cane - Jurassic Park - Many Photos

    This is one of my favourite props, I purchased an amber orb/ball for the top of the cane, I considered attempting making one myself however I concluded it wasn't worth it. I'm not planning to attempt a 100% accurate version, for example I don't like the large rubber tip found on the original and...
  2. PhantomForge

    Done / Completed "Turkey Claw" Jurassic Park Raptor Claw Fossil Replica

    Hello once again everyone! I'm starting up another run of my Alan Grant's velociraptor claw replicas— mind you, not accurate to an ACTUAL fossilized claw, nor the claw from JP3 or the ones on the animatronics, but the odd fossilized claw Alan Grant digs up and carries around and scares children...
  3. ArcSpectator

    For the Jurassic Park John Hammond Mosquito in Amber Cane Top What kind of Polishing Compound Would Be Best For The Resin?

    To begin with I just did this project on the John Hammond Cane Top: My experimental DIY attempt on the John Hammond Cane Top(with Easter egg) Anyways, after sanding it I sprayed it with Rustoleum Crystal Clear enamel and while it did help with giving the resin in particular more clarity, being...
  4. yankeetrex

    1:1 Jurassic Park Dilophosaurus

    Hey Everyone, Back at it again with my low key favorite dinosaur of the JP series Dilophosaurus. I sculpted her in Zbrush and printed her on my Creality CR10s. 9 Total parts. Printing the mouth palates and tongue now. I'll update as soon as they are done.