1. DaBuild

    JUMANJI board replica MOD with Screen/Sounds from the Deluxe Game

    Hello fellow maker, I've decided to Mod my JUMANJI BOARD REPLICA with the LCD screen and sounds from the Deluxe Game. 50$ investment well spent if you ask me. :cautious: I'm really happy with the result! Cheers! Dan
  2. A

    Jumanji Noble Collection Repaint

    Hey everyone, figured I’d share some of the work I’ve been doing on my Jumanji Replica from the Noble Collection. The modifications I’ve made so far are a repaint of the brown “wood” areas. I just painted it with Burnt Umber acryllic paint, masked off the center area and gave it a clear coat...
  3. DaBuild

    My latest JUMANJI board replica

    Hello group, Here's a couple of pictures of my latest JUMANJI board replica. This is my third one. Cheers! Dan
  4. Peter17647

    Jumanji for Anchors prop replicas

    Well I’m going to start creating some boards for a fan film we’re doing in a couple of months so I decided to document it. first step is the crystal.
  5. Dipper04

    Zathura Replica V3

    well, here it is, my version 3 zathura replica. i had put this up for sale on a facebook group but it sold within about 10 minutes. I am really happy with how this turned out, so hopefully i can maybe make v4 full scale and have some working functions.
  6. Peter17647

    Jumanji console Replica MK4 the Final step

    Ok guys I’m going to attempt to turn this into a actual Working game Console.. I’ll update as I move forward. I’ve made about 14 now for pepole and sales and I’ve been improving along the way but this is for my personal console I want this thing to do what it does it in the film .. apart from...
  7. Peter17647

    Jumanji console replica

    This is a full 1:1 repo a of the Console from welcome to the jungle!
  8. Dipper04

    Zathura Replica Board!

    My prop replica Zathura board is finished! After years of wanting a prop replica board, I decided to just make one. I do have the foldable cardboard one, but that one just doesn’t do it for me. This ones just V1 though, and I’m currently working on plenty of other ones.
  9. Laserschwert

    Interest Jumanji Board (3D-printable)

    I am trying to gauge interest in the 3D-printable Jumanji board that I am working on right now. Some people have already expressed interest in my thread about the board, but I'd like to get a better impression. (3D rendering of an earlier version of my board, which I have improved upon a LOT)...
  10. Beth D SFX

    Creating a Jumanji Board Replica

    Hello! I've posted on a few other threads as well as asked questions, and thought id start a thread to post my progress! I am currently building a Jumanji board replica for a university module. The module is the history of replication, where we take a well-known prop, research all of its...
  11. Beth D SFX

    Original Jumanji Board Refrences

    Evening Everyone, I'm currently a student studying model making for TV and Film, and an upcoming project we have is the history of replication. I'm looking to recreate the iconic Jumanji board, but I need to recreate it as authentically as possible. This means finding out how the original was...
  12. A

    Jumanji Wooden Cardinal Games Conversion

    Hello all! First time poster, long time lurker. I’ve always been very interested in prop replicas, but this is the first time I’ve ever done anything like this. The one prop I’ve wanted more than anything ever since I was a kid was a Jumanji board. I’d seen pieces on Etsy such as the face plate...
  13. MattgomeryBurns

    ThinkGeek Jumanji Game Piece Statue Set

    For you Jumanji fans out there, ThinkGeek just released a set of larger scale game pieces. $49.99 for a set of 4.
  14. Jake Kassnoff

    Jumanji Jewel "The Jaguar's Eye"

    So I'm pretty sure there were several different props for the jewel in the movie, but here's what I came up with:
  15. Krats

    Jumanji 2 Map

    So I've just about completed a first draft of the Jumanji 2 map based on reference pics from the Propstore auction, got a bit of a problem though: My colour vision isn't great and what with weathering and watermarks the colours in the photos aren't good for a straight colour pick, could anyone...
  16. Laserschwert

    Jumanji - Blu-ray sized replica

    Since I don't want to hijack Audrey's thread about his 3D printed Jumanji board any more, I think it's fair to start my own thread about my project. Inspired by the wonderful info and material Audrey2 provided in his thread (especially his detailed board plans and sharing his 3D modeled front...
  17. G

    jumanji animal tokens request

    Anyone have a reference pic for the Jumanji game tokens? i would like the front, sides, and back. anything you can help with would be awesome. i added 2 pics of something i found but cant find the original. starting to work on this project for my younger brothers Christmas present. Its his...
  18. LovelyLudwig

    Another Jumanji Board

    While there's a bit of Jumanji fever going about, I thought I'd share my build. I tried to carve the board out of wood a couple of years ago and it went terribly. After seeing some of the great results users on here have had with using a resin plate for the lid I gave that a try. I initially...
  19. roy_draven

    Jumanji Alan Parish Cosplay with Playable Jumanji Board made with Foam and cardboard

    Hey Everyone, I haven't posted on here in so long unfortunately been so busy but I want to share with you all my recent Cosplay In April this year, I debuted here in Australia my Alan Parish from Jumanji Cosplay, it went so well and was so much fun and my tribute to Robin Williams,who we all...
  20. justy

    My Jumanji Board

    Finally getting around to posting about this project... After researching and gathering reference images/video, I had cut and assembled most of the box last year over the holidays, and started carving out the patterns on the inside edges before temporarily shelving the project to make time for...
  21. JumanjiFan112

    New Jumanji Movie Discussion

    I just wanted to make this thread to discuss the upcoming film and possible aspects/theories anyone may have about it. Recently, The Rock posted on Instagram that the new movie would be a continuation and not a remake. So would that mean they would have to either rebuild or reuse the same game...
  22. Audrey2

    Jumanji Board - 3D Printed

    So this is a project that I've been working on for a few years finally coming to fruition. Hopefully the most accurate replica of a Jumanji board ever made. The project could be said to have begun lightly over a decade ago, when I made a set of plans that I've seen appear on the forums a few...
  23. davidJurassic

    Jumanji Logo Board

    Hi guys, I have just completed my Jumanji board replica from Mark Poon. I am having to auction this one off on a well known auctioning site right now, in order to help support an animation venture of mine, but I thought I'd share the upgrades on here too. I was keen to display the 'Jumanji'...
  24. VladMartin

    Jumanji Game Board Replica by VM

    Hi everyone! I'm from Russia and I adore for Jumanji. My English is not very good, but I'll try to do my best ;-) I know many people on this forum are already making Jumanji replicas, and it maybe slowly becomes common thing) But I grew up watching Jumanji movie and now it is one of my...
  25. Major Grubert

    Major Grubert Pith Helmet

    When I decided to do Major Grubert cosplay I knew there would be some challenges but I never thought the pith helmet would be one of them. I didn't build from scratch but I did hack a store bought pith helmet into a new level. (**For those not familiar with Major Grubert, he is the creation of...