jumanji 1995

  1. A

    Jumanji Noble Collection Repaint

    Hey everyone, figured I’d share some of the work I’ve been doing on my Jumanji Replica from the Noble Collection. The modifications I’ve made so far are a repaint of the brown “wood” areas. I just painted it with Burnt Umber acryllic paint, masked off the center area and gave it a clear coat...
  2. Peter17647

    Jumanji for Anchors prop replicas

    Well I’m going to start creating some boards for a fan film we’re doing in a couple of months so I decided to document it. first step is the crystal.
  3. Peter17647

    Jumanji console Replica MK4 the Final step

    Ok guys I’m going to attempt to turn this into a actual Working game Console.. I’ll update as I move forward. I’ve made about 14 now for pepole and sales and I’ve been improving along the way but this is for my personal console I want this thing to do what it does it in the film .. apart from...
  4. Peter17647

    Jumanji Console MK 2

    So the first replica was great and it’s found a new home but I wanted to make it a little better So this time I used a brush on resin and made the console hollow less resin = less weight = more cost effective. However it’s far more time consuming now. I frosted the crystal and added a remote...
  5. Peter17647

    Jumanji console replica

    This is a full 1:1 repo a of the Console from welcome to the jungle!
  6. Beth D SFX

    Creating a Jumanji Board Replica

    Hello! I've posted on a few other threads as well as asked questions, and thought id start a thread to post my progress! I am currently building a Jumanji board replica for a university module. The module is the history of replication, where we take a well-known prop, research all of its...
  7. VladMartin

    Jumanji Game Board Replica by VM

    Hi everyone! I'm from Russia and I adore for Jumanji. My English is not very good, but I'll try to do my best ;-) I know many people on this forum are already making Jumanji replicas, and it maybe slowly becomes common thing) But I grew up watching Jumanji movie and now it is one of my...