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    Heath ledger joker shoes... where?

    So, I'm looking for the original pair of shoes from Marshall back in 2007/2008. Or if anyone can perfectly recreate them to the point where you can't spot any difference. (But I would prefer a pair or thr original deal..) It seems to be suede and leather. Grayish type of coloring? Light brown...
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    Jerome Valeskas Joker card

    I'm trying to get a hold of Jeromes Joker card from Gotham. I'm trying to get like the one used in the show. I'm not sure where to go and start with this. I messaged prop makers that made some for gotham hoping for any sort of trail. I even messaged actors just for a little bit of luck. I'm not...
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    Jokers diary

    Heath Ledger, getting into the roll of the joker used a diary. He put all sorts into his as you can see in the photos. The composition book itself is called Eeboo - Elephant and Nemo. Id love for some help finding this thing. You can message me on @ClwnPrinceOfCrime on Instagram. It's hard...