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  1. Sni9er

    Limited Run =JJ= Industries: Metal Amban Phase Rounds (The Mandalorian)

    Howdy Folks! Hope your all surviving! got something new for you today! Introducing our Amban Phase Round Purchase Here - Amban Phase Round - Metal Machined beautifully in 6061 Aluminium featuring a detailed CNC Brass Insert, the Amban Phase Round is compatible with our Aluminium Shin...
  2. Sni9er

    Limited Run =JJ= The Mandalorian: Aluminium Knee Darts

    Good Morning Folks! due to the overwhelming support on the Bandolier/shin cylinders I've been able to kick off the next part early The Mandalorian Knee Darts are now available for purchase: £29 for the set Global Shipping included - 2 Knee Darts - 2 M5 X 10mm Hex Button Head Flange Bolts...