jim henson

  1. georgecosplay

    The Great Gonzo - Replica, Suit, Chilli Pepper Shirt, and Tie

    Hello folks, It's that time again where I embark on an ambitious Muppet replica, this time however it'll be a little different, as the Replica is only part of what I am hoping to achieve. Instead, I will be making and dressing my favourite Muppet of all time: The Great Gonzo. I'm hoping to...
  2. georgecosplay

    Bear in the Big Blue House Build

    Hey folks, I'm beginning a thread as I’m in the very early design stages of replicating Bear (of Big Blue House fame). You may be able to see one of my previous threads in which I made my own Big Bird, I’ll be drawing on my experience gained in this project and the experience I’ve gained since...
  3. georgecosplay

    Kermit the Frog Replica

    Hello folks, I’ll be commencing a Kermit the Frog build since we’re all stuck indoors and I need something to work on, undecided which Kermit to go for, any input would be appreciated, as would any advice as I‘ve not begun yet. You can notice the slight differences to Kermit as the years have...