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  1. EvilBatman

    Star Wars Anovos Han Solo Belt Accessories & Imperial Buckle; Disney Sith & Jedi Class Rings; Droid Caller

    This listing includes: Anovos Han Solo Belt accessories - 3 pieces, original box and packing - no longer being made. Opened but never used. Anovos Imperial Belt buckle - worn once, original packaging Han Solo Droid Caller - generic version - displayed only, no packaging Jedi Class Ring Size...
  2. Psab keel

    Star Wars Luke ROTJ Wool Cloak

    Luke Skywalker ROTJ Wool Cloak: One size fits most. I'm 6 ft. 2 inches and it's only a few inches short on me. Made of a nice quality wool blend in a dark brown color. $250.00 Shipped within the U.S. International PM me for exact shipping costs.
  3. 13doctorwho

    Low Budget Prequel Jedi

    This year for Halloween I'm working on an "original" Prequel Jedi character. I wanted to do this relatively cheap, so I bought a costume off Amazon. It wasn't too bad (for $60 not including boots) but it did need some adjusting. The boots cost more than the whole costume. Anyway, I've finished...
  4. Psab keel

    Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi: Revenge of the Sith (Wool) Robe

    Obi-Wan Kenobi: Revenge of the Sith Robe -Made from 100% Cocoa Wool Flannel (Medium Weight) -Excellent Drape yet not too Heavy -One Size Fits Most (I stand 6 ft. 2") -Accurate Patterning (Over 21 years of experience and research on Jedi costumes) Asking $600.00 shipped within the United...
  5. Psab keel

    Star Wars Museum Replicas Limited Small Obi-Wan Belt Pouches

    Officially Licensed Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi Small Jedi Belt Pouches. Made by Museum Replicas Limited (Windlass in India). These have been discontinued for a number of years. Brand New and resin cast with opening lids held closed with Velcro. 1 qty. available! LAST ONE! $50.00 shipped...
  6. DaveP

    DaveP's Luke RotJ V2 Research/Development Thread 2021

    Intro: Hello everyone. As some of you may know, I’ve been working away on my own version of the V2 for some time now behind the scenes. Well, it’s finally time to unveil the project and where I am in the development process. This thread will serve as a development thread to start with, where I...
  7. 13doctorwho

    FINISHED!! Lightsaber Cane (Stunt Lightsaber) Post#9

    Recently I have been using a cane. I plan to be a Jedi this Halloween, so I decided I needed a lightsaber cane (like Peter Mayhew). If I don't need a cane by then it's a Dueling Lightsaber, instead of a cane. I modeled the hilt with a one inch bore so I can install a one inch oak dowel rod for...
  8. S

    Movie Quality Jedi Robes

    Hello there! I’ve always wanted to have a very high quality jedi costume, and I was hoping to get some information on how I can get one made for me. I know nothing about costumes, as my focus has mainly been on movie props and lightsabers. So this world is all new to me, and I’d love to learn...
  9. MyBodyIsReggie

    Anakin’s Outer Tunic pattern?

    I’m making a Anakin skywalker costume and I’m having trouble getting a decent partner that stops under the obi so it doesn’t open like a bathrobe but more like a regular shirt with that y shape
  10. Jake Kassnoff

    Gungi Lightsaber (Wookie Jedi)

    Lots of whittling:
  11. mrwho25

    Ceremonial Jedi Robes - customizing Luke's robes (questions about the project) help please!

    Hi all, I stumbled upon this forum while trying to find some good reference images/ideas etc., seems like a great place. I'm going to my first con at the end of July (GalxyCon in Raleigh) and also doing my first cosplay. I had the idea of taking Luke's ceremonial robes from the sequel trilogy...
  12. mediocre maker

    Retirement Gift - Lightsaber

    My second attempt at a lightsaber hilt. This one is based on a sink drain (pictured). I wanted to keep this one relatively clean, with minimal weathering. Kinda like a retirement gift for those aging out Jedi. All pieces included - Sink drain. PVC coupler, bike handlebar grip. A lot pf fun with...
  13. Jake Kassnoff

    Leia Organa Lightsaber

    All EVA Foam:
  14. Jedi Costume

    Jedi Costume

    Can't remember which one...
  15. Jedi Costume

    Jedi Costume

  16. Jedi Costumes

    Jedi Costumes

  17. Jedi Costumes

    Jedi Costumes

  18. Jedi Costumes

    Jedi Costumes

  19. Jedi Costumes

    Jedi Costumes

  20. Kit Fisto

    Kit Fisto

  21. Jedi Costumes

    Jedi Costumes

  22. Jedi Costumes

    Jedi Costumes

    Palpatine front and centre, obviously.
  23. Jhowe1997

    Sacred Jedi Texts - Replica Prop Build

    Been working on this for a while now and it’s finally finished! My version of the Sacred Jedi Texts book from The Last Jedi. Built from scratch by hand, complete with 10 detailed prop pages hand finished with paint and gold leaf accents (just like the original prop), and aged/weathered. The...
  24. Chase Butler

    Real Staedtler Jedi Food Capsules

    I've been wanting to make some Jedi Food Capsules using real Staedtler pens caps for a long time. I've been considering buying up all of the remaining stock of Staedtler 416/417 pens I can find, (as far as I can tell they are the exact same as the caps on the 415) then turning them into the...
  25. alecsanz

    Orgus Din's lightsaber

    Hi I show you today Orgus Din's lightsaber from The Old Republic. More pics here: Orgus Din's lightsaber

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