jedi cosplay

  1. mgenovese312

    Jedi tunic

    Selling off a Jedi tunic. It has never been worn out of the house. It was made by TheJediCloset on Etsy. The belt is not included The listing includes the tunic, the black & tan mock, the Obi sash, tabards. The tunic, obi and tabards are held in place velcro. The tunic has been modified...
  2. mgenovese312

    Anakin Skywalker Leather Pouch

    PM be before purchase for shipping quote. Looking to sell an Anakin leather pouch made by Magmelcreations on etys! It’s never been used before and it’s no longer needed. This is the larger of the pouch options. It is around 4x7 and can comfortably store my cell phone. $70 plus the cost to...