1. mechx

    Limited Run ARC (Arcann) Hilt Run.

    Hi all, Please see the prototypes of the Jawas Junkyard - ARC (Arcann) hilt run. From our of our favourite game characters comes a limited saber run at the most affordable price this hilt has ever been offered. If you've not heard of Jawas Junkyard before, please check out our facebook page Log...
  2. mechx

    Limited Run The Claw (The Wampa) Saber Run (Jawas Junkyard)

    Hi All, Very excited to announce this project. To sign up please complete this form: Pre-Order Sign UP Based on the design from Larz's Bone Works - our fully CNC version of the wampa claw - saber. The Claw. - Fully machined aluminium and PA66 (for the 'bone'). - Anodised aluminium - 1" blade...
  3. mechx

    Orgus Din Lightsaber Hilt (Odin's Wrath 2020 Run) - By Jawas Junkyard

    Hello, again, for those who don't know me. I'm Jawa's Junkyard. https://www.facebook.com/JawasJunk I'm proud to show you, a long anticipated re-indition of my sold out Odin's Wrath from 2018. This is new and improved with many accuracy updates. The hilt: Odin's Wrath V2 (2020) is an all T6...