1. Red Hawk

    Microflame Torch Goodies

    A number of pieces for your Luke / Jawa ANH droid torch. One Microflame Model B Torch - SOLD Red Butane Cylinders - $10 each Green Micronox Cylinders SOLD All the cylinders have the high reflective shine as seen on screen. Buyer pays shipping. I’ll only ship these within the US, who knows...
  2. mugatu

    Star Wars FS: S K ARRIFLEX CINEGON LENS for Jawa Droid Restraining Bolt

    Hello. Thanks for checking this out. I have for sale one REAL FOUND PART Schneider Kreuznach Arriflex Cinegon Lens to make yourself a genuine DROID RESTRAINING BOLT for your favorite droid. Although completely self-contained as far as props go, this build/conversion is not for the...