1. SG-RB

    Price Drop: Tsukuda Hobby 1:1 Vinyl ALIEN Facehugger

    Sill in the box Tsukuda Hobby 1:1 Scale ALIEN Facehugger form 1995. Highly sought after Vinyl kit from Japan. The box has some minor shelf wear and the tape has fallen way. The contents are still in original plastic bag. $175 price includes shipping.
  2. AndoShinobi

    Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon Pistol

    This is a super quick build for a Resident Evil (Biohazard here in Japan) themed shoot that I will be directing in two days. Yup, two days to build the VP70 M so here goes! The idea is to make a 'clam shell' upper and lower receiver that will sit over an existing airsoft gun, most likely a...