ironman mark 85

  1. punt14sep

    How to Suit up "ironman mark85" video

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    Iron Man Mark85 "endgame" 3Dprinted Cosplay

    WELCOME TO MY ENDGAME Hey guys, my name's Caio, i'm from Sao Paulo, Brasil. I would like to share my project with you. When I started the armor, in June of last year, it was in the interval between two things, I had just finished the Stormbreaker and would start Thanos' dual blade sword, but...
  3. Domonator

    Do3d running a contest for free full suit 3d print files!!!

    Hello Everyone, The website Do3d is running a contest for people to vote on a file or suit that they have or have not made yet. They will release 1 of each file for free, one suit that they have not modeled yet, and a suit that they have already modeled. They decide which ones are the...
  4. StarLord99

    Iron man endgame nano suit patterns

    hey guys is it just me or did you also saw the patterns on the red part of iron man's suit in endgame? I first saw this on his solo poster for the movie and when I went to see Endgame on Imax the patterns on his suit are more prominent than in the blu ray one. Hot toys also ignore these patterns...
  5. Shakeitdavey

    Iron Man Mark 85 - Foam

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to get a thread going so I can start posting my progress. I'm hoping this will keep me motivated and to keep going. It's been years since I've attempted an Iron Man suit so I thought, why the hell not. I’m going for the Mark 85 Suit, in EVA Foam 5mm - (renawolv...