1. JoeChang3816

    Creating Iron-Spider Dye Sublimation Pattern With Blender

    Hello. I am an newbie this forum and planning to start my Iron-Spider cosplay project. I have made lots of props with 3D print before, and I got a little bit of experience in creating 3D models, like my Iron-Spider web shooter: Recently, I got a highly accurate Iron-Spider 3D model from a...
  2. ToaOfStone

    How do you attach web shooters to a Spidey suit?

    Hello, all! As the title suggests, I am curious as to how all you Spidey cosplayers attach your web shooters to the outside of your suits? I have spent the last couple of days printing and painting a pair of Iron-Spider web shooters to wear to the premier of Endgame and in my excitement...