iron man

  1. C

    ARC Reactor LED

    Hey guys, I'm looking for the easiest way to light up an Arc reactor and iron man hand. I'm not great at circuitry so simple is best. I was thinking either a Puck light or a flashlight of some sort but I'm not sure. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  2. TJack

    Limited Run Mark 48/50 Infinity War Ironman Helmet

    Sunkistshark and I are looking to do a run of these and want to see if there's enough interest. If you are wanting to get in on the run, a non-refundable $25 deposit is required. These will be cast in ceramic backed smooth cast 300 resin. It will be a 4 piece helmet and should fit up to a...
  3. F

    Tony Stark Infinity War jacket?

    Hi guys I was looking for the jacket Tony wore in the BTS pics. I found this online shop which shows the actual jacket: but it is not so good like in the movie, there's no camo pattern and colors are too much...
  4. raziel79f

    cat toys mk42 iron man gauntlet

    Thinking of getting one but from what I have seen the fingers are way to long. Has anyone who has got one modified it so the fingers fit better?
  5. D

    Scaling with 3D scanning software question

    So I have a #D printer and the Maxcrft Iron man suit files and I was reading TKCC71's post on making the suit and he used Skanect to scan his body with an Xbox Kinect to get exact measurements. I used a different program called Reconstruct me which does the same thing and after I scanned half of...
  6. F

    iron man boot inner components help

    Hi guys i'm about to work on the ironman endoskeleton and I need your help. I'm struggling for these mini cylinders that you can see in the pic below. I can't find them anywhere. I looked almost everywhere but I only found electrical squared cylinders (in some online robotic shops), big...
  7. I

    dungbeatles ironman helmet file ?

    Please help me Iam searching for dungbeatles ironman (wit horizontal faceplate cuts) pepakura helmet file But all links i found are invalid Can anyone help me getting that pepakura file That would be very nice
  8. F

    Want to Buy Endoskeleton iron man (URGENT)

    Hi guys i just need to know if somebody here has ever done some endoskeleton detailed components of an iron man armor, like inner part of the chest or an arm. Does anyone 3D print them? I'd like to know if these parts can be purchased! Thanks :)
  9. M

    Iron Man Mark XLVI - what paint for the silver color?

    I've searched and found a couple of paint-color threads, but didn't see any discussion of the "silver" color on the Mark XLVI. From screen captures, and looking at photos of the Hot Toys 1/6th scale collectible, the color that isn't red or gold on the suit doesn't really look silver. In some...
  10. D

    Need some advice on buying an Iron Man suit

    Hello, I am thinking of getting an Iron Man suit. It's to wear sometimes to cons (not that often) and for the rest to display. I have looked around on the internet, including this forum and currently am looking at this suit...
  11. L


    Hello everyone! I am not sure how many of you follow the Batman comic, but the new Dark Knights: Metal series has introduced seven evil Batmen from other realities (multiverses). Each one is a composite of Batman with another DC character. One of these Batmen is a composite of Batman and Cyborg...
  12. M

    How to determine angle to join pieces in Pepakura Designer?

    I'm trying my first build, based on an Iron Man MK 46 armor PDO found on Etsy. If I use the option to 'print fold angles'. then I can see what angles should be used at all the fold locations. (If there is a way to view this without printing, please let me know). But I don't see any way to...
  13. M

    Can anyone ID the Sneaker soles in IRON MAN 2?

    HI All, I'm working on a Tony stark model from IRON MAN 2, the Monaco race scene. I was hoping to draw from the huge knowledge base and forenzic attention to detail here. The screen grabs I have are pretty low rez ,they're workable but It would be nice to ID the shoes and get some higher rez...
  14. MaxPower

    Iron Man Mark 43 3D Print Project

    Hi, first i have to say sorry if my english is not good enough, I'm from Chile, so my main language is Spanish. I've been following this forum since 4-5 years ago and i fell in love with all the awesome work the people do here, so in some way this project (one of my dreams that i have since i...
  15. M

    Can I buy these motion capture pants anywhere?

    I want to try my first armor foam build with an Iron Man Mark XLVI pattern I found online. I was thinking I'd like to wear this to a con, but not be in something so bulky or inflexible that I wouldn't be able to attend panels, sit down, etc. When I saw this photo from the Avengers: Infinity...
  16. Ozymandius

    Iron Man MK III statue - Life size

    Been a couple of years in the making, but I'm finally done with this guy and it's ready to ship off to the client. Hand sculpted in clay and cast in fiberglass with LEDs in the head, chest, and hands. All the hardware is fully concealed with the access panels covered by magnetic panels. Head is...
  17. R

    Pep resizing for a 5'8" male

    Hello there, so I am working on a costume for the upcoming CON in my city, and I was trying to make the classic iron man suit, using the files posted by JFCustoms here(Much love to that dude). What I did not realize that the size for the pep files was a bit too big for me(I am 5'8"), JFcustoms...
  18. J

    Want to Buy Looking for Roan x Mithril/Lager MK 42 1:1 Scale Helmet

    Hi, I'm new to the RPF community and I'm looking to buy the Iron Man MK42 helmet released by Roan back in 2015/2016. I've been searching for this helmet on eBay, but all the sellers are selling the Cattoys version while using Roan photos in the listing. Please PM me if anyone has one they are...
  19. J

    First post-not first rodeo. So Glad I found this group

    I am designing and testing a piece of safety gear for motorcycle riders that is HEAVILY influenced exoskeleton armor. I live in Thailand and the people here are wonderful; but the talent is not up to modern standards. I am looking for partners with the following badassedness: Design in...
  20. SuperheroDIY

    Iron Man Foam/Sintra MK46 Costume Modifications

    Yep, it's not a build because hey - I didn't build it! Rather, it was built by Superhero Forge for a costume contest apparently. When they were done with it they put it up on their Facebook page for sale and I decided to buy it! After putting together most of the Batman vs. Superman: DOJ armor...
  21. M

    Streaming My Build Live On Twitch

    Iron Man Helmet Stream! Hey guys! this is my first post, but I thought id go ahead and just throw this out there as I began a new Iron Man Pepakura project and thought it might be fun to stream it live in case anyone was bored and wanted to drop by! I plan on doing more of...
  22. F

    HELP painting polyurethane helmet?

    Hi guys i recently bought a nice and perfect polyurethane resin ironman mark46 helmet and i read on the web about some problems which involve polyurethane resin and spraypaint. Do you guys have a step by step guide on how to proceed on this material? i dont want to mess up everything :) Thanks!
  23. C

    New Iron Man mk46 build, advice requested

    Good morning/evening/night all, based on location. I tried searching, but after about 2 hours of sorting through, I'm still rather on the fence. Here's my issue, and subsequent question. Last year, I went with a UD Replicas Dark Knight with my Halloween costume, loved it, big hit. So naturally...
  24. alloccosol

    Want to Buy Iron Man Stark Messenger Bag

    Hello there, I am currently looking for to buy a iron man stark industries messenger bag as seen on I saw it on awhile back but they are sold out and I havent seen a re-stock in awhile. I have checked ebay, amazon etc and to my surprise did not see any listed there...
  25. taibhse

    Help finding a Material with these properties for prop building

    Hi all, hope this is the right section, anyways I'm living in Ireland and I need help finding a material or material set with the following properties, 1) A foam similiar to eva foam like what is used in cosplay costume or iron man suit design, but this foam must be able to absorb resin in...