iron man

  1. M

    Iron man missile prop

    Hello everyone... I started a new prop project to occupy some of my free time. Here's the progress so far.
  2. SuperWhoLock

    Iron Man Helmet Pepakura

    I'm interested in starting pepakura and eventually working up to a Iron Man Mark IV helmet. I'm wondering what a good file for it is, and I am also wondering, however ridiculous a request/idea this is, if there are any that have a hinge that opens. I haven't don any builds, but this would a...
  3. C

    Need info on pepakura Iron Man helmet!

    Hey guys, I've been thinking about building an Iron Man helmet for ages now but I'm completely lost as to where I should begin. I was thinking about taking the Pepakura route as all the materials I need for the build are easy to find in Ireland. My only question is how tough is pepakura Iron Man...
  4. M

    Iron Man Bleeding Edge cosplay

    here are some pics of the bleeding edge armor that I made, and wore to a con this past weekend.
  5. Ironman4lif

    IRON MAN suit - PRODUCTS help please!!!

    Hi everyone I've started a new Iron Man pepakura build, but I live in South Africa and I unfortunately cannot buy "Bondo" for example And buying these items from Amazon isn't practical because its either too expensive( including or even excluding shipping) or it isn't supported to be shipped...
  6. SmookCMb

    Iron Man Mark 16 "Nightclub"Pep Files - UPDATE!

    Hi guys, i made this post because i was mixing all my work in one thread hehe anyway this is my last work, the Mark 16 also called Nightclub suit..Originally i began modelling from a pic of a draw that i made but wasn't the result that i wanted.. :P First attemp Fail!I had an idea and it was...
  7. PepCowboy

    Mark 38 IGOR FULL suit 6ft and 7ft build

    So heres my new IGOR V2 as my first model IGOR went to IamIMtoo too unfold and he took the model an tried selling it so I had to remodel the suit and release it for FREE theres the full suit here in 2 different scales but the files are locked as I don't want anyone making money from my files I...
  8. temujin

    Mark III plastic whit MDF molds

    Hello fellows, The first thing that I have to say is, this project was starter for the first Iron Man movie and then wasn't have many reference pics to go for it. Basically I use some reference for the art and a “Repulsor Power Iron Man Mark III” figure to trace the entire project. Now I want...
  9. ASOEdevo

    Iron Man Mark IV Stand-in design for ASOE project: Torso build 26 gauge steel

    Hi all, I stumbled across this site while doing research for a project of mine and found it incredibly helpful... Progress has been delightfully quick, so I'm starting this thread to share some ideas * if you decide to attempt this DON'T FORGET THE GLOVES! ... and band-aids * I will...
  10. O

    Iron Man 3 Mark 17 Heartbreaker Pepakura Files

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone has the unfolded pepakura files for Iron Man's Mark 17 Heartbreaker? Thanks,
  11. Ironman4lif

    -IronMan Mark 42 HD paper Pepakura build-( including dissasembling hinges-scene)

    Hi guys I'm currently living in South-Africa so my products that i'll be using WILL differ from yours but anyway I was originally going to build the Mark VI but half way through the suit decided to ditch it because I love the look of the Mark 42... But now I have already started with the mark...
  12. W

    prop building help and tips needed

    Hi guys and girls, im in the middle of building myself an iron man helmet and would like to build other stuff after this but i have got to a point where im not sure where to go:facepalm. i have built the helmet using pepakura and need help identifying the sort of products i need to finish it...
  13. sonofbaconador

    Help for a rookie Tony Stark

    I'm sure there are hundreds of threads on Iron Man and i don't blame you, Iron Man is awesome! I have always wanted to make an iron man suit but I never had time or a reason... until now. I recently volunteered cooking food for a children's hospital and i saw a clown handing out balloons out to...
  14. C

    Possible iron man 4 suit

    Has anybody wondered what the next big hit armor was going to be after mark 42 extremis,well I found a picture,upon researching it describes tony stark having the ability to make his armor come out from his skin and to make the armor appear in a clothing like a suit any time he wanted,and the...
  15. C

    Real life iron man being developed in America and Japan

    Well I been researching and I found U.S version of iron man and then I found japan version is more like a Mech,it's pretty legit to see iron man come to life.
  16. C

    Hello iron man HEARTBREAKER in progress

    Hello guys I been working on a heartbreaker I still need to make better measurements but please give me your opinion it's matters and I need help finding the right paint.
  17. zombienoms

    [HELP] Flexible Polyurethane Rubber For casting?

    So I've never molded nor casted anything before but I recently got the idea in my head that maybe I could make some pieces out of a flexible rubber. Basically I'm into Iron man suits and there's certain parts that I would like to make more flexible and durable. I found a product from smooth...
  18. D

    First Project... like ever! "Iron Girl"

    Hi there, This is my first post since my intro. I'm from Noobsville. Nice to meet you. I would like to share some experiences for other locals of Noobsville as well as hopefully get some feedback from those in Skill City. (I wanna go there someday.) I asked my daughter a couple of months ago...
  19. J

    female iron man armor help!

    i have a friend that wants me to make her a female iron man suit and i know theres peppers rescue suit but that dosent really cut it What i was really lookin for is something more slimer like these 2 i found on google If no plans, blueprints or pepakura files exist i would like some tips on...
  20. C

    Hello in new and working on iron man heartbreaker

    So recently I been working on mark 17 heartbreaker or also known as legion or god killer armor it's made from cardboard and put together by hot glue sticks in the picture sorry for the dark quality,I have the head complete and chest and stomach complete it's all black to hide up the orange...
  21. nemo13400

    Arc Reactor 'personal' concept +face plate + stand FINISHED

    Hi, in continuation with my semi-improvisation constructing an Iron Man hand desk lamp + Face plate here: the next logical step was to create an Arc Reactor: I've seen many threads and many very useful tutos, I...
  22. B

    Iron Man MKVI: from dream to pep and resin ;)

    So one more Iron Man in the street (or almost planning it). I have been working several months and been taking pics to have it all as a tedious but nice memories.... So will be posting the steps until I reach today (Im actually sanding and bondo filling). Have peped, cutted, glued, resined...