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  1. M

    Iron Man Mark 46 - 3D print

    Hi all, I'm just getting started on a 3D print of the Iron Man Mark 46 armor (Civil War). I'm using the Do3D files, although I have some other PDO files from an earlier build so it's possible I'll export those to OBJ format and mix-and-match a bit. I got the idea for doing a half-suit...
  2. P

    Want to Buy Complete Iron Man costume - in time for Halloween!

    I know it might be a stretch, but I figured I'd see what might be out there! Let me know, thanks! -M
  3. efarley

    Kandy Apple Red Ironman Mark XLV (45) 3D Printed Build Thread

    Kandy Apple Red Ironman Mark XLV (45) 3D printed build thread. Ironman Mark XLV (45) - Avengers: Age of Ultron Hello all and welcome to my build thread. I have wanted to do my own Ironman armor since I saw the first movie. I've attempted a couple times a long time ago to create the mark 3...
  4. T

    Want to Buy Full Iron Man Suit from Infinity War with motorized face plate and lights

    Hey everyone, I'm usually a DC guy, but I think I'm ready to jump into a full Iron Man suit. If anyone can help, I'd really appreciate it!!
  5. R

    Scaling help

    I have files for the MK 46 Suit from Civil War, and I'm trying to 3D print them, however I can't seem to be able to get scaling right. My friend and I looked at make human & she took my measurements, but I can't always accurately put those measurements into the model. Make human likes to act...
  6. Saranyu00

    Request a file iron man mk42 Helmet Complete

    Request a file iron man mk42 Helmet Complete. is Peper Pepakura. Thank you.
  7. D

    Iron Man Mk6 (or Mk4) forearm help - How do you do the mini rockets?

    Hello everyone! First post here, so sorry if I've missed some super obvious way to find what I'm looking for. I'm taking my first steps at making an Iron Man cosplay, and I'm wanting to have as many moving parts as possible. I'm particularly enamored with the Mk 6's arm design, and would like...
  8. smilerbaker

    Iron Patriot Build - 3d Print

    So having a mk3 war machine under my belt I decided a new project was in order :) something a bit more colourful as the last 2 big builds I've done have been grey, so I've gone for do3d's iron patriot. Initial impression - Do3d's files are pretty detailed, as part of the package you also get...
  9. F

    Need help smoothing up 3D printed iron man forearm

    Hi guys I 3D printed the whole forearm, hand included. the print is ok, now I'm into the smoothing up process, I sanded a lot the forearm, I used also 2 cans of bondo filler spray to remove the lines on the surface, then sanded it again but I'm still struggling to get a clean surface, do you...
  10. jrdorag

    Iron Man Mark 50 Speed Build (A LOT OF PICS)

    Hey Guys, Everything good? Finally i had sometime to post here, and i want to share with you my IronMan's Mark50 work, i did it in only 2 weeks for the premiere (25/04 here on Brazil), HERE WE GO!!! I really like to do my own 3D models for my armors, so i have sure it will come out just like...
  11. Fly4v

    Iron Man suit missing Hydra, AIM, Hammer Industries, Seven Rings where to start looking?
  12. F

    Where could i find this mechanic component?

    Hi guys I know this seems not to be related to the forum but I'm actually working on a mark 42 full arm with mechanics, I'm printing the fingers right now but I need to connect the "finger bones" each other. I'm looking for a mechanism like this one in the pic but smaller, maybe for smaller...
  13. F

    Looking for iron man mk42/43 arm 3D files

    Hi guys as the title says I'm looking for someone with iron man mk42 or 43 forearm+hand 3D printing files like the pic below. Do you guys know some good source where to get them from? Please PM me if you have these files, I do have some iron man 3D files too :)
  14. G

    Iron Man Helmet Senior Project

    Hey guys. So I have already posted about this before but I got no replies and my project adviser suggested that I start another thread. My name is George and I am trying to make a replica Iron Man Helmet as a project. I am making it out of an EVA foam and basing it off of a template that I found...
  15. GoldenAvenger

    3D Printed Arc Reactor

    I recently got a 3D printer (da Vinci Jr Pro, pretty solid printer) and wanted to try making a little something! Years back I made some progress with a fiberglass Mark III suit but never finished it. I did finish a quick Vader build last October but I still carry the Iron Man bug and thought...
  16. B

    Mk42 stealth iron man

    I have got my self a battered mk42 from a first batch of mk42 from buycostumes. I’ve stripped off the old crappy paint job what fell off in places. Strengthened the internal framework and fixings. Full respray in gloss black and now re doing the electrics
  17. B

    Want to Buy Iron man faceplate raw cast

    Looking for iron mans helmet faceplate to customize as a prop for display. Hoping for the cheapest i can find, can even be a messed up or broken casting
  18. F

    iron man mk48/50 3D print file? (exchange)

    Hi guys I was looking for somebody with a good mk48/50 helmet 3D file that want to exchange it with .obj files of the complete mk2 with full inner bone structure (mechanical components) cool for 3D printing :) every piece can be disjointed and it is fully customizable. PM me if interested...
  19. F

    Want to Buy iron man mark 50 helmet 3D files for exchange...?

    Hi guys I was looking for somebody with a perfect mk50 helmet 3D file that want to exchange it with few .obj files of the complete mk2 with full inner bone structure (mechanical components) cool for 3D printing :P PM me if interested! thanks guys.
  20. Starmind001

    Ironman Face Plate

    Hi All! First time posting, so I hope I have done this right. I wanted to show off my 3d printed version of the Mark 2 face plate. The original face plate design was from thingiverse. It has some issues but I redesigned some of the parts to make it, say more my own. I am currently redesigning...
  21. Jp panta

    Someone can help me With the iron man led eyes

    In my circuit i am using one battery 12v, and a one reed switch, I would like To know the best type of led for the eyes. Someone can help me with photos ?
  22. G

    Iron Man Helmet Project

    Hey guys. So my name is George and I am a senior in high school trying to make an Iron Man helmet. I am hoping to document my project and find help on this form. This is the first time I have ever done something like this so I hope it works out. As of now I have decided that making a model out...
  23. Lildo

    Iron Man Mark 43/6 custom aluminium armor (for french premiere on April 25)

    Hi, i'm back and this is my last work, it's full aluminium like the others. it's made of aluminium sheet, welding process and rivets. the painting job is coming verry soon because of french premiere on April 25 (oh yeah). have a good day guys!
  24. S

    3D Printed Arc Reactor

    Hi Everyone! As a long time lurker on the RPF, I finally decided to create an account to share my latest project. I recently completed a from-scratch build of a 3D printed arc reactor, which I made a project video for that can be seen here. Compared to other arc reactor builds that I've seen...
  25. NOMAD202

    Foam Mark VII Iron Man arm for Infinity War Premiere

    Greetings, This was my very first attempt at anything Iron Man-y regarding EVA foam. Instead of making the entire suit (since I'm still a fledgling when it comes to the Pepakura files and making foam appear seamless) I decided to just dress up like Tony Stark and wear just the arm to the...