iron man armor

  1. Jake Kassnoff

    Hydra Stomper Iron Man

  2. D

    Iron Man Inner Parts / Endoskeleton

    As the title says, i'm looking for 3D models of the inner parts of an Iron Man suit for me to 3D print. Currently working on a Mark 42 that opens up on front like the one seen in the Toys Asia youtube video. (i want a statue like that, not a wearable cosplay) The problem is, i've been looking...
  3. Cri7e

    Iron Man Mk 46 out of Sintra

    Hello everybody, long time no see! After finishing my Mk 40 "Shotgun" suit almost entirely without posting anything on here I thought for my next armor it was about time to share some progress, knowledge and maybe some tricks with the community. I am currently in the process of 3D printing a...
  4. P

    Iron Man MKVI 3D print

    A few years ago I built a cardboard MKIV suit for a kid's birthday party and it was ... adequate. It lit up, it made noises, it was impressive to five year olds and for a while that was enough. Since then it's stood in my office gently decaying. Which is fine, but I've got a 3D printer now...