1. G17RDY

    i,Robot - Lt. John Bergin's Detective Badge

    Hi, New addition to the collection: i,Robot - Lt John Bergin's (Chi McBride) Detective Badge. All the Best Gordy
  2. jhusel

    My first Screen Used prop!! i, Robot

    It's funny after 12+ years of collecting I just now bought my first screen used prop. I really wanted something "real" to go with my growing i, Robot collection. So I picked this up off of the Propstore of London and it came in last night. I love it!! :)
  3. F

    mv agusta used in irobot for sale

    i have 1 of 3 of the mv agustas from irobot asking 10,000.00 or best offer. posting it on craigslist philadelphia and s jersey. and probably on ebay when i get a account set up. if anyone is interested ill send you my phone number my email is
  4. G17RDY

    My New iRobot Screen Used Prop

    Hey All, Well here it is, my latest addition to my iRobot collection. Sharon Wilkins Screen Used Prop Inhaler. Scored this on ebay recently, nearly had a heart attack when i saw it for sale, and had to have it... I dont have a screengrab to show the prop in action, if anyone can...