indiana jones raiders of the lost ark

  1. RobertMuldoon

    Indiana Jones Sandbag

    I bought a sandbag from Make It Jones and I've been aging it to look like it does when it's being used inside the temple. This is how it looked originally (free plug for Daemoniac in the background): The next thing I did was to rub down the brass eyelets with some wire wool, to get rid of the...
  2. T

    Fertility Idol Help

    I purchased my Indy Fertility Idol from ebay a number of years ago. Can anyone help me identify who made it? Also, is there a way to get this plated so it has that nice gold shine to it, or am I better off cutting my losses and looking for a better quality idol? Here are a few pics...My Idol...
  3. Sarednab

    The DEFINITIVE Golden Idol in progress

    Hi to all guys! This thread is only for presentation of a new BIG project that we started some weeks ago. First of all I wanna thanks Gobler. He give us permission to cast his idol. In this way we can have a original cast to work on our project. Second: A big thanks GeorideIndy! Without his...
  4. RobertMuldoon

    Indiana Jones Journal Kindle Cover

    As a slight side project from my other Ravenwood journal build, I've made myself a new cover for my Kindle: I didn't take many build photos, nearly all the same steps will be in my other journal thread.
  5. Indy Magnoli

    Authentically Aged Indiana Jones Raiders Idol...

    About ten years ago I had a bad resin mix go into my idol mold. The pull was mostly hard but a lot of soft, sticky bits so instead of throwing it away I wedged it between two branches of a tree in the little forest in our backyard. I had a look at it today and thought it was definitely worth a...
  6. RobertMuldoon

    Abner Ravenwood Journal - Finished

    I'm slowly making up a Wayne & Bryan Ravenwood journal 'kit'. So far I have all the pages printed out as A5 and broken into four page signatures. I am currently staining them to make them look all nice and old. I'm giving them a base colour from a wash in a bath of chai tea and coffee...
  7. I

    the Statuette from Indy´s desk Marshall College

    So, on a bit of a produce spree ... Just wondering if you can offer opinions and links for where I should go to get the sizes and a drawing or layout of the Statuette from Indy´s desk Marshall College!?
  8. Indy Magnoli

    1:4 Scale Ark of the Covenant Replica

    As some of you know, years ago I made a quarter-scale Ark of the Covenant replica (100% scratch build, molded, cast in resin and metal and 24kt gold plated). Recently I did a photoshoot for a documentary on the Ark. They didn't end up using the photos, so to keep them from going to waste... here...
  9. joeranger

    Gold finish - Idol, Arc, Bars, C3P0...Post um

    Please post pics of what you have done, the technique used, if you are pleased with the result, cost, effort, durability Gold has always been valuable because of it's unique luster. This is why you can't buy a can of spray paint and be 100% happy with the results. Even gold leaf has it's draw...
  10. The Aviator

    Fertility Idol Stand

    Hi all, Just signed up to this forum after lurking for a few days. Pretty cool place! I can't believe I never saw this forum before. I am tackling my very first project which is some sort of stand to hold the Indiana Jones Fertility Idol(the piggy bank version) I read the other threads on this...

    Golden Idol of Fertility photo on AICN Throw me the idol, I throw you the Behind the Scenes Pic of the Day! -- Ain't It Cool News: The best in movie, TV, DVD, and comic book news.
  12. agent5

    The ORIGINAL Headpiece of the Staff of Ra.

    PyramidBlaster over at Club Obi Wan posted this amazing pic which was more than obviously the inspiration for the Headpiece in Raiders of the Lost Ark. It is part of the amazing treasure trove found by Howard Carter in King Tutankhamun's tomb in the Valley of the Kings in 1922. They are a pair...
  13. 8 perf

    Indiana Jones/ German airplane

    Anybody out there have info on the German plane that Indy fights in/ around at the German camp? The plane was supposed to have carried the ark out ofthe area. As I recall, it had twin props, and a "bent" wing tip design. I have the referecne material from the archive, but it does not state...