indiana jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull

  1. Psab keel

    Interest Indiana Jones MK VI Bag Strap Buckles (TOD, LC, KOTCS)

    I was able to source a really accurate 1 Inch Roller Bar Buckle for Indiana Jones MK VI Bag Straps. This is identical to the buckle used on his bag in Temple of Doom, Last Crusade, and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Is there any interest in this? I could offer these with 1/ 8" open post Chicago...
  2. N

    Best Indiana Jones Gun

    Hey Indy fans! Finally an Indy gun thread! Lol, but thanks for clicking. I have been wondering where to get a good replica Indiana Jones gun. Now I know that he has multiple, but I would like to know where to get each of them :D lol. If you have your own then post em' up!
  3. N

    Beaver v.s Rabbit Indy Fedora

    Hey, thanks for clicking! Was just wondering about the durability of rabbit felt hats, and if they compare to beaver. Feel free to post your own Indy hat down below.
  4. N

    Help with Indiana Jones Hat!!!

    (Dead Thread) Finally decided on a Penman Raiders in Beaver :)
  5. S

    Want to Buy Nurhachi Urn and Diamond

    Hi, I am looking for Nurhachi Urn and Lao Che Diamond. Any Leads?
  6. badges2nz

    Want to Buy Indy crystal skull full size.

    I am wanting to find out if anyone has been able to source or know of anyone who has made a copy of the crystal skull from Indiana Jones. I can imagine that these would be quite costly and would like to find out if anyone has attempted this one please. Thanking anyone in advance for their help...
  7. R

    Want to Buy Crystal skull (Indiana Jones) 1:1 replica

    Looking for a life size replica of the crystal skull. I know there have been threads (such as the one by Markpoon) in the past about runs of crystal skulls but so far nothing has come of those threads.
  8. Indys brother

    Indiana Jones KOTCS Rio Carnival float!

    Found a post about this over at, here are some pics and links: Link for this pic Link
  9. Chewie15

    1:1 Crystal Skull 'Indiana Jones KOTCS' Sculpture (New Pic Pg. 6)

    Hey Guys, This is a skull sculpt I started some years back, the final prop will be a replica of the Crystal Skull from 'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull' The first proto casting is being polished and cleaned to be molded again for the final clear 'crystal resin' prop ;)...
  10. AT-AT Luvah

    Ford-Signed-Screen-Used Indiana Jones KOTCS Fedora up for Auction

    Would have been cool to see a Raiders hat, but it's something. Opening bid is $1500