independence day

  1. asaka0704

    CITY DESTROYER ID4 scratch building

    city destroyer from INDEPENDENCE DAY 1996 35cm scratch building
  2. Mike J.

    Independence Day (1996) Cigars ID'ed

    They're Bering Imperials. Sadly, they don't look like this anymore. -MJ
  3. Mike J.

    Movies that Take Place on July 4th

    Jaws 1776 Independence Day ??? -MJ
  4. H

    Building a realistic Neuralyzer -- the original Men In Black memory zapping device

    I would be using this as a stage prop. The main element it would be to embody is a convincing, bright, large flash. It doesnt need to look visually accurate or highly detailed because it wont be seen by any audience up close. As long as its good enough for people to pick up on the reference...
  5. Wilbur Walsh

    Independence Day Alien Space Ship / 5 seconds before the intergalactic clout

    One of my oldest model. It is the Independence Day. The scene where Will Smith is stikes a punch to an alien. So, this diorama is the "5 seconds before the intergalactic clout" Hope You like it. :)
  6. thegreatgalling

    Screenused Independence Day Costumes

    Hey gang. I picked both these up recently and I am awaiting for them to arrive. Just figured I would post these pics and get your thoughts. They are most likely background uniforms worn by extras on the film. This is a Black Knight Jumpsuit: And an AWACS jumpsuit:
  7. P

    ID4 Alien Interior Figure Display

    I tried to buy the 11" tall ID4 Alien Interior Figure Display from Monstersinmotion a couple of years back and was told it was in stock, but when I attempted to send payment a few days later, I was informed they discontinued it months back and didn't have anymore in stock. This mad me so mad, as...