1. J

    Request for Help (Throwback to Inception)

    Hello everyone! I apologize if this post is in the wrong thread or forum! Feel free to relocate if need be! I was wondering if anyone knew a reliable custom metal/milling shop online? A buddy of mine was really into Inception and I want to give them Ariadne's totem (brass bishop) and when...
  2. E

    Stuck: Inception audio files.

    Heya anyone out there may be able to help me track down some of the audio files from the inception movie? so I am making a small scene of my own project and i need an audio file from the Inception movie, I have tried to record it while the music is playing in the background but when I watched...
  3. O

    Inception snow costume - info shared and needed

    Hello, all. I am in love with the military-style snow costumes that Cobb and crew wear during the dream sequence in Inception. I have been researching this for some time and have some info to share. I'd also like to ask for any help if anyone else has been pursuing this to compare notes. I...
  4. ADarkly

    screenused film/tv prop+costume convention display photoset

    Meant to post some of these here quite a while ago, and I've gotten the occasional hit from an RPF thread in my Flickr a little intimidated that they might not be useful. But you can never have too much reference, right? This is NOT my personal collection, so maybe the mods will...
  5. Z

    Inception Ski Jacket

    Hello all, I've been reading the RPF for a while now and, finally decided to register after having this question burrow into my mind, and having exhausted all my other means of research. I admit defeat and ask the kind folks here to help me out. Can anyone ID the ski jackets (if that's what...