1. 00jimmyd00

    Shoretrooper soft goods

    I have the shirt, pants, kama, gloves, boots and ammo pouch. Shirt, pants and kama are from Jim (forget his name out here) he was making complete kits with soft goods. Boots and gloves are from Imperial boots. Looking to get $375 for everything Pants are 36/30 Boots are a 12 Shirt is an XL...
  2. Teckno viking


    Got this a couple of years ago from Abrahams in Mexico. Damn fine piece of work it is too. Plus came with a mini Death Trooper skull helmet (about 1/4 scale?). Anyway, I have seen most go with a Dark Grey Skull face and one added Tusks (bloody awesome idea). I went with White more So as I have...
  3. jkno

    WTB Imperial box

    I would like to get one of these type of boxes preferably in 1/6, anyone has an idea where to get one please? The image is a Koto 1/7 statue. Thanks
  4. sketcherdan

    Limited Run Imperial Field Knife | Solo Concept (metal)

    Update in post #76 Payment for all batches now due, payment instructions in post #76 So I was looking though the concept art for Solo and came across this image which captured my attention immediately; the Imperial Field Knife. Don't think this made it to the movie but I love the design...