1. SquidMan

    Need help and advice identifying Mad Men business cards—was I scammed?

    I just received a batch of what was sold to me as production-used Sterling Cooper business cards from Mad Men, with a Screenbid COA, from eBay. However, all other Mad Men business cards currently on eBay, all sold with their own COAs, look different from the ones I received: those look like...
  2. J

    Help identifying Big Bang Theory monster head

    I am hoping someone can help me. In Big Bang Theory's Capitol Comics store there is a axolotl like dragon head above the door. Does anyone know what it is or where it's from? It can be seen in the episodes The Occupation Recalibration and The Hook-up Reverberation.
  3. shpider

    Help Identifying Prop Truncheon

    So I recently picked this truncheon up from a prop house liquidator... I thought it was cool, but I have no idea where it comes from... anyone have any idea ? It definitely has a "Harley Quinn Vibe"... The phrases written on it are as follows : "despite my vanity, I fear for my sanity" "I'll...
  4. P

    Help! Identify this prop?

    HI Rpf, Does anyone have an idea what film this is from? Beautiful piece,plated.Hint: circa 2010-2014?