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  1. TVAHunterC83

    TVA Hunter C-83 Loki

    Greetings RPF, I'm Chuck and I put together a TVA Hunter from the Disney+ Series, Loki and is heavily based on B-15's setup. I've been costuming for about three years now and recently learned how to sew, and decided that a hunter would be a simple enough challenge with what soft parts it had...
  2. WTCreations

    3D Printed Safi'Jiiva Helmet from Monster Hunter World Iceborne

    Here we go, my first RPF thread. Howdy everybody! I'm a 3d Print Designer, Prop Maker, and Costumer; and I have a personal project going. The helmet of a fantastical set of armor from Monster Hunter World Iceborne. The Awakened Safi'Jiiva Helmet Alpha. I love this armor set so much! Wanted...
  3. Killrapture

    Trying to Piece Together a Hunter Gunslinger From Destiny 2

    Hello, i'm currently trying to piece together a Gunslinger armor set but I'm having some trouble finding certain pieces, specifically the boots and pants. I would rather not have to sew pants together but it seems that is my only real option at this point. Here are the reference images I'm using...
  4. Erwin


    Just finished up my Aquahunter I had laying for over 2 years now I didn't had the time for it until now. I picked it up at Predastore. I hope you guys like it.
  5. GrayHuntress

    Fan fiction - new story

    Authors Note: tiring of fan fiction sites, I decided to post my written art here for your enjoyment and hopefully, feedback. Your opinions and ideas are most appreciated. I write this for my personal enjoyment, but like to share. Please consider this as owned material and do not use it in your...
  6. Dtrasler

    My Early Disasters pt 2 - A Biker Scout Helmet - How hard can it be?

    I posted "My Early Disasters" part one in the props section, sorry. I'll try and avoid future disasters like that one. Having failed to make a decent Mando Bucket, I decided I had been too ambitious, and should try something simpler. Unfortunately, passing another Sports Equipment sale, I...
  7. Metal Boba Build!!!

    Metal Boba Build!!!

    Here is my first attempt at a metal Boba Fett helmet. Not perfectly movie acurate and far from done. I kinda like how it looka all polished up! What do you all think?
  8. Dredd Bounty Hunter

    Dredd Bounty Hunter

    I wanted to do something a little different so I created a helmet for an imagined character from the Dredd universe. I figured since there is a severe lack of Judges that there would be an abundance of bounty hunters. My inspiration for this build was another (quite popular) bounty hunter. I...

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