1. The Cog

    Anovos Snowtrooper Helmet

    Doing a large cleaning out of my shop. Starting to pull things off my shelves that aren't projects I'm working on, or props I'm going to be buried with! I have enough personal helmets that I need to finish and display... I can let this one go. Displayed only. Selling at a fair price with free...
  2. The Cog

    Price drop: Luke Skywalker Echo Base Jacket

    Picked up this jacket and accessories a few years ago with the intention of putting together an Echo base costume. Have to part with it though, as I have a family member going into hospice and need to fly home to see them. Never worn. Jacket, boots, and gloves included. Pricing it much lower...
  3. Rexermus

    Luke Hoth ESB DL-44 Help

    Hey y'all, Doing some research for a future cosplay/prop build and I was wondering if anyone had any info on the greeblies and mods done to the Mauser prop Mark Hamill wore and used for his scenes on Hoth. I found an old thread that claims the Hero prop Mark used for Hoth was the same Harrison...
  4. Hagoth

    Fully articulated 24" tall AT-AT adventure

    Inspired by starks Revell AT-AT WIP upgrade thread seen here Revell At-At WIP this build thread is a spin off to dive further into dissecting the stop motion articulation of the studio models and attempting to replicate what is seen on screen. The premise of this thread is be an open build for...
  5. zenx13

    Star Wars Macrobinoculars (scratch build) - Hoth / Empire Strikes Back

    I have always wanted to build a pair of the Hoth Macrobinoculars - I fell in love with them as a kid in 1980, watching Empire on the big screen! I have always had a connection with Hoth, maybe cause I grew up in Canada and experienced proper winters? This build - like most of my builds will...
  6. chubsANDdoggers

    TESB “Hoth” Han Solo Blaster replica..

    This is my scratch built (Denix & 3D printed) HOTH blaster from The Empire Strikes Back.. I’ve been studying these dl-44 blasters under a microscope for a while now and every time I think I have it figured out a new detail emerges. But this is where I am at today. When I started on this Hoth...
  7. Leia Hoth Outfit

    Leia Hoth Outfit

  8. Leia Hoth Outfit

    Leia Hoth Outfit

  9. R

    Replica Hoth Film crew Jackets On Sale.

    Saw this today and didn't see a topic. Anyone else thinking about laying down the coin for one? Exclusive Star Wars Jacket | Columbia Sportswear Exclusive Star Wars Jacket | Columbia Sportswear