1. SeanG22

    Regal Robot 1:1 Star Wars Holochess Prop Replicas Review! - Dejarik Set and Body Slam

    Hey guys! Just released a YouTube video review for the Regal Robot Holochess pieces! I also do a side by side comparison to the Galaxy's Edge pieces! Feel free to check it out if you have a chance! It's my first video :)
  2. Baruopa

    Wanted: Rogue One Dejarik/Holochess Pieces Reference

    Hi all, I'm sure pretty much all of you know about the physical dejarik game being played I the background of Saw Gerrera's hideout on Jedha in Rogue One. I really like the idea and aesthetic of it but can't seem to find much of any reference on it, was wondering if maybe you guys knew or could...
  3. CruxScenica

    Real Upholstered Millennium Falcon Couch and Holochess Table

    Hey y'all, I run a scenic shop in Richmond, VA and I actually joined the forum to post this piece we were commissioned to build by a private client. He wanted a comfortable version of the Millenium Falcon couch along with the Holochess Table for his Star Wars Memorabilia Room. The design...