1. Boba87Fett

    Star Wars FS: #36 Nick Maley Life Cast Harrison Ford Han in Carbonite Signed 2020

    Hi everyone, For sale is the #36 life casting by Nick Maley in 2020 of Harrison Ford with lineage to the real prop used for ESB. Maley is the last living member that did the original life casting. Asking $500 plus shipping. Will come with documentation he provided.
  2. erv

    Han Solo in Carbonite Movie Room door

    Project formerly called "building a better home cinema door"... I didn't have the space to do a fully 1:1 HIC with the panels and all, it would have been very chunky in the HC room we have (+ low ceiling). A HIC coffee table was considered but a no-go upstairs (partner said that SW shouldn't...
  3. zenix

    Unlimited Run Zenix's consolidated HiC Han in Carbonite Parts: Metal greeblies, CNC box kit, panels and more!

    Hey, just consolidating and reposing. I've got a few things available and will update this thread throughout the summer as I add new exciting things. Everything's at my site, Custom3dStuff.com Carbonite Build Parts and Kits If you're building a full size replica of your favorite frozen smuggler...
  4. mugatu

    HIC Hero Panel VALVO Display Research/Theory

    Just starting this off for Fusion and feide so as to not clog up and hijack kurtyboy‘s awesome HIC Panel thread: My Han in Carbonite panel upgrades 23 Nov 2013 Here are the Valvo/(later)Philips ZM-1500 Series diagrams I have previously collected: ZM-1500 SERIES Gas Displays ZM-1550...