1. oblagon

    oblagons HIC build

    Getting ready to start my HIC build and thought I'd throw up a picture showing the pile of parts :) Han casting: KingJawa Box: Zenix Volvo Panels: Zenix Lights for Hero and 2nd panel: Fettronics Greeblies: BigTurc metal upgrade parts, 3D printed from files by chrissy Carbonite block by crissy...
  2. mugatu

    HIC Hero Panel VALVO Display Research/Theory

    Just starting this off for Fusion and feide so as to not clog up and hijack kurtyboy‘s awesome HIC Panel thread: My Han in Carbonite panel upgrades 23 Nov 2013 Here are the Valvo/(later)Philips ZM-1500 Series diagrams I have previously collected: ZM-1500 SERIES Gas Displays ZM-1550...