help please

  1. SteuerEule

    SOLVED - UK member able to help?

    Hey there, I need help from a UK member with a prop I found recently but the seller isn‘t willing to export to the EU. It‘s a rather small prop located near Northampton but can be send via post as well. Let me know if you‘re able to help. Will of course cover all costs!
  2. Mike1165

    Asking for help in finding the maker of this Ewok

    Hello everyone, I saw an older thread somewhat similar to this. I recently posted a couple photos on Facebook of my Star Wars collection room build. A couple people asked about the Ewok I own. The only information I have about it is that I bought it roughly 10-12 years ago from a guy in...
  3. jarodpenn

    Pointers for specific cloak pattern

    Hey all. Working on a Jedi costume but didn’t want the standard cloak. I fell in love with THIS design but haven’t been able to find patterns for a double breasted cloak. As far as I can tell it’s one of a kind. Figure I’ll start with a wedge style cape and tailor the front panels. Anyone have...
  4. kinq

    DESTINY 2 Whisper of the Worm Prop Sniper Gun

    First time I've ever posted! But I've been scouring the internet and have yet to find a helpful source- I'm creating a 150cm (length) replica of the Whisper of the Worm gun from Destiny 2 for a half going-away and half birthday present for my boyfriend. As I said, it is massive, the largest...
  5. J

    Hoodie is impossible to find.

    Guys im in desperate need of this hoodie and i cant find it anywhere? can someone help me? thanks:)
  6. jakobhollis06

    Sportsmaster Bag

    Does anyone happen to know the brand of this bag?
  7. T

    Portal 2 Portal Gun Build: Seeking Help!

    Hi Everyone, I'm building a PORTAL GUN and I need help I have most of the details down however there is a detail I'm stuck on. In most portal gun replicas there are red LEDs on the front prongs on the gun and I'm unsure on what part of the prong they go on (see pictures) to be more accurate to...
  8. Shadow1

    Sound effect system

    Trying to build a predator costume but needing sounds with decent quality. Trying to figure out the control system to activate the sound. Lookin for a shoulder cannon with tracking capabilities.
  9. Shadow1

    Sound affects

    I’m starting a predator build, I have everything bought for the shoulder cannon. I’m trying to find help for the sound affects. I want the sounds to match the action. I have the sound files but don’t know the next step. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  10. B

    Question about plasti dip

    I'm building a saber for a friend's birthday and trying to do something creative with the grip. My idea is to make a cut out, Obi ep 1 style, mask off everything else, then plasti dip the underneath layer. Would this work? Will it even stick to aluminum? I've never used this stuff before.