1. NycWallCrawler9

    CW Flash Helmet Fix??

    Hi everyone! I had a question about this Xcoser flash helmet I got (which will be shaped and painted) and the thing is it actually fits me PERFECT ...except for the chin... The sides fit great but the chin comes out to far, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions about making it fit right...
  2. P

    had an idea, need creative and technical help

    ok, so last night my brain decided to be overactive, yet only focused on one thing so i tried to solve the problem of stray wires on costumes and heres an idea - based off of the mandalorian tv show and a fanfic i like, why not have a base holding the majority of the wiring, with magnetic...
  3. StormyStorm

    Advice Needed on Iron Man Electronics, Motorized Faceplate

    Hello everyone. I'm a noob when it comes to electronics and cosplay, so please forgive me if this was obvious. Basically, I want to create a motorized Iron man helmet which lifts up an down, as seen in the movies. After researching and looking around, I'm just getting more and more confused. I...