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  1. Buliwif

    The Hellbound Heart: Pinheaded Cenobite

    Hey everybody. I've been around but this is my first official post. I'm a fan of Hellraiser, and as much as I enjoy the designs of the myriad Cenobites showcased by the many films, both good and bad, That being said, while reading the original novella, THE HELLBOUND HEART by Clive Barker, I...
  2. BC-FX

    Hellraser's Dr Channard bus

    a few years back now i sculpted a Dr channard 1;1 bust as i as sculpted i also made a time laps. this video is of the head sculpted from nsp clay i melted it down and poured it in to a silicon mound of earlier life cast of myself my self https://youtu.be/4ig5Loe3HFQ
  3. Rovingjack

    lament configuration question

    Sooo, yeah, after my intro saying I probably won't be able to do much for a little while I'm going to start a thread about this little brain worm that's been gnawing at my consciousness for a little while. the lament configuration, is a very lovely item, and there are plenty of still frames of...
  4. B

    My "Pinhead" Sculpt.

  5. sirbrad

    Hellraiser Pinhead Costume Life-sized

    Been a long time coming, but now it is time...Your suffering will be legendary even in Hell!! I got the silicone mask for wearing and usually they do not work well on mannequins, but this one looked great on it. I also have a display one in latex I will be using on it soon. Doing the...
  6. eaviii

    LeMarchand Cube Schematics- Hellraiser Bloodlines

    I bought a set of Hellraiser schematics some time ago. There were 5 in all and I posted pics 4 years back in this thread: http://www.therpf.com/f9/schematics-hellraiser-puzzle-box-32947/ Does anyone know the original source for these? I bought them long ago on eBay but I thought the creator...

    Hellraiser animatronic Engineer head

    After years and years of looking, I finally found one of my Hellraiser grail pieces, fresh back from restoration from the ever talented Tom Spina, he's looking back to his original condition. Foam latex with a fibergalss underskull, and HUGE! I have a big Hellraiser collection and this is one of...

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