heath joker

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    Magnolis heath joker suit buttons

    Does anyone have *clear* looks at all the buttons magnoli clothiers uses on the pieces of heaths joker suit today? Shirt, vest, trenchcoat, gray coat. This would be a lot of help of deciding something
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    Where to find jokers buttons on his trenchcoat?

    Does anyone know where to find this button? Or a better (or an exact) version of the jokers buttons on the trenchcoat from the dark knight? I found it a while ago by looking up "Ebony woodshank button" I beileve. I need 4, then 10 for the arms that are slightly smaller but they need to look the...
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    What camera did heath ledger use as joker

    I'm trying to figure out which camera this is. I know it's some sort of camcorder but I'm trying to find the *exact* kind. Heath ledger used this one for the Jokers personal videos during the dark knight
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    Jokers diary

    Heath Ledger, getting into the roll of the joker used a diary. He put all sorts into his as you can see in the photos. The composition book itself is called Eeboo - Elephant and Nemo. Id love for some help finding this thing. You can message me on @ClwnPrinceOfCrime on Instagram. It's hard...