1. witchcraftbyt

    Can anyone in Australia help ship a HP item to me?

    Hey! Would anyone in Australia be willing to help me out with a purchase. I live in the UK and am trying to get a hold of a harry potter prop there but the company won’t ship to the UK. I would cover all costs of course and it’s a pretty small item (book size) so wouldn’t be too much of a...
  2. MymlanOhlin

    What would be inside Harry Potter's trunk?

    I'm a graphic designer and have been working on some trunk interiors for some of the Harry Potter kids. This means I've been sitting just thinking about what each character would have in their trunk. A Chudley Cannons poster in Ron's is a given, as is a stack of the Quibbler in Luna's...
  3. Nowonder

    Harry Potter and Hermione's FIRST DESIGN wands

    Hello, I have always liked the design of Harry's and Hermione's wands from the first two movies a lot better than the new designs introduced by Alfonso Cuaron in Prisoner of Azkaban, and I would like to recreate them. I am also struggling finding pictures of the actual props, or movie pictures...