harry potter

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  1. EnfantDeGuerre

    Sirius Black costume (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix)

    I know the Harry Potter series isn't the most contemporary of fandoms, however, I imagine there is some interest in it with the various stage shows and the ongoing Fantastic Beasts series still doing the rounds. I was surprised that the Sirius Black character from Harry Potter and the Order of...
  2. rinoanichole

    advanced potion making pdf??

    Hi!! My best friends birthday is coming up soon and she's the only person I know that's as big of a potterhead as me. She was talking the other day about how she wished Warner Bros sold replicas of books like Advanced Potion making or Hogwarts: A History and I saw that some people made their own...
  3. S

    Harry Potter - Advanced Potion making

    Is anyone able to help and point me in the direction of a decent digital copy of "Advanced Potion Making" as seen in Harry Potter and the half blood Prince? I used to have a copy but lost it and I'm desperate to make my own copy! Thank you all
  4. RJN


    I recently finished the bludger component of the quidditch trunk I'm making. Everything you see is made from air dry clay (rigid and flexible type) except the ring the bludgers sit in, which is made from cardboard (grey board). Everything has been painted with acrylics using a brush.
  5. RJN

    Quidditch Trunk Bludgers

    I’ve been working on the bludgers for my replica quidditch trunk. They’re clay laid over half a polystyrene balll. I painted them with acrylics.
  6. RJN

    Quidditch Trunk Parts

    I thought I'd practice my paint techniques for the 'metal' parts of the quidditch trunk replica I'm making. I made the rings and the lock plate from grey board (card) and painted them with acrylics to look like old/tarnished metal. I've included a couple of 'before' images.
  7. RJN

    Quidditch Trunk

    I am planning on attempting to make a full size replica Quidditch trunk. I am basing it off the quaffle available from Warner Brother's Studio Tour. I'm a bit stuck on the dimensions of the actual box. Anyone who's made a replica, what dimensions did you use for the box? Any help would be much...
  8. RJN

    Azkaban Prison Number

    Finished replica of an Azkaban prison number, featuring the details of Bellatrix Lestrange. The ‘metal’ casing is made from plywood, grey board and tissue. All cut by hand. I did the lettering/numbers on the insert by hand. All painted with acrylics. Just needs a chain really.
  9. RJN

    Mandrake Sculpt

    This is my mandrake inspired by the original props from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. The mandrake itself is made predominantly from air dry clay. The greenery comes from artificial foliage that I reshaped. The pot was a shiny plastic one which I worked on to look like it's made from...
  10. Nowonder

    Harry Potter Great Hall charger plate PROP

    Does anyone have any information about the charger plates used as table settings in the Great Hall? were they part of some kind of set which went out of production like the water goblets? Were the made by a particular brand? Were they crafted by the prop department specifically for the saga...
  11. Nowonder

    Harry Potter GRIM CUP PROP from Divination Class (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban)

    Hi, I've been doing some research online about Harry Potter's grim cup from professor Trelawney's divination class in "Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban". i would like to reproduce the patttern on the cup and plate somehow, but I was never lucky enough to find a full picture of the plate...
  12. Nowonder

    Hogwarts trunk ACCURATE crest Harry Potter

    Hi everyone, like pretty much every hardcore Harry Potter fan, I am attempting to recreate my Hogwarts school trunk. I know this forum has plenty of threads on the subject and the web is full of pictures of very well made replicas, but I believe pretty much all of them were painted using a non...
  13. trymypatience

    Ollivander (John Hurt) sculpt progress with lots of pics!

    Like my previous post about the full sized spider, this is another part of the effort I put in for Halloween 2018. I have never tried to sculpt a likeness and am under no illusions about my skillset! :lol: I was aiming for a feel of the character more than accuracy and was happy about how it...
  14. MymlanOhlin

    What would be inside Harry Potter's trunk?

    I'm a graphic designer and have been working on some trunk interiors for some of the Harry Potter kids. This means I've been sitting just thinking about what each character would have in their trunk. A Chudley Cannons poster in Ron's is a given, as is a stack of the Quibbler in Luna's...
  15. MymlanOhlin

    Prop maker introduction

    Hello all! I'm an amateur prop master in training, specializing in graphic recreations of printed props. My content is quite all over the place, with some of my more notable projects being Nuka Cola custom bottles from video game franchise Fallout, sculpted Skeleton Bottles (2nd place winner...
  16. Marcotl

    Hogwarts acceptance letter

    Hello, everyone. Even though I've been around RPF for many years now, this is my first thread. Recently I decided to make a replica of the acceptance letter from Hogwarts so one of my firsts steps was to come back here because surely there was already many material to work with... well no...
  17. jdoz2

    Jellied Eel Pie from Diagon Alley - Orlando

    Im not really sure why this display caught my attention the first time I visited TWWOP a few years ago, but it did and Ive been thinking of making this ever since. This jellied eel pie project allowed me to finally mold and cast something which Ive been looking forward to for awhile and finalyl...
  18. J

    Harry Potter Great Hall Table Settings

    Hi guys, For a while now I have been trying to gather all the table settings from the Hogwarts great hall to eventually host one awesome Harry Potter dinner party! So far I have been able to find silverware similar to that of the film (looks exactly the same just not gold plated on the ends)...
  19. Nowonder

    Harry Potter and Hermione's FIRST DESIGN wands

    Hello, I have always liked the design of Harry's and Hermione's wands from the first two movies a lot better than the new designs introduced by Alfonso Cuaron in Prisoner of Azkaban, and I would like to recreate them. I am also struggling finding pictures of the actual props, or movie pictures...
  20. trymypatience

    Harry Potter nearly full size Aragog build log

    Hello all. This year Me and the missus threw a Harry Potter themed Halloween party. As we love to make ridiculous things for these parties, I decided to have a go at building a nearly full size version of Aragog, using whatever materials I could get my hands on. Enjoy part one of the build log...
  21. Nowonder

    Harry Potter trunk canvas and paint

    Hi people, I happen to have just bought a bentwood steamer trunk that I would like to customize and make look like a Hogwarts trunk. Matter is it happens to have a couple of holes in the canvas. I've seen a lot of threads here on these strunks, so I was wondering what might be the best approach...
  22. darylvanhorne

    Gellert Grindlewald costume - help wanted

    Hi all, I'm putting together a Gellert Grindlewald costume for next year. Here's what I've done so far, I've sorted the hair via a wig I'm going to style from Arda Wigs Arda Wigs Canada - Supplier of wigs for cosplay, fashion and drag!! The boots I've worked out are actually based on...
  23. Nowonder

    Severus Snape SCREEN USED wand pictures

    Hi everyone, I am looking for as many HD pictures as possible of SCREEN USED (not noble collection, japan or other replicas) Severus Snape's wand. From events like Comic Con, WB studio tour, or Harry Potter: the Exhibition (even though I suspect some of the wands they shiw there are fromthe...
  24. Nowonder

    Severus Snape wand pictures

  25. MikO

    Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald - Gellert Grindelwald costume

    After watching the movie, Grindelwald's costume looks even more simple and elegant than in the teasers. So I did a lot of research the last week and it turns out, Grindelwald's coat is a slightly altered officer's coat of the german navy: Gellert Grindelwald by MikO posted Nov 23, 2018 at 2:52...

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